Quick Update

Quality nerding time…

  • Week of 10-16 December.
  • Yes, this post is late. Been busy with… nothing really.
  • Monday, office, dev catch up, lunchtime walk, I placed an Octotel order with our new API – we were a bit delayed in opening up the API, data fixes, braai at Nick’s house with Evan and Chris.
  • “Don’t go to sleep!” — Paul, I think that’s from last week’s notes.

  • I did a Udemy cource about GitLab and DevOps using their iOS app this week – it kinda works. Going to try a few more offline learning tools. edX and Coursera seem good. It’s tricky to make time for these courses. WWDD.
  • Tuesday, up early, gym, swim, sauna, German food at Raith’s at the Gardens Centre and a tin-tin hair cut, found some broad spectrum reflective sun block (face cream) and also got Mia some, beers at Nick’s, watched The Girl Who Played with Fire – not as good as the 1st movie.
  • Stating the obvious, but telecoms is much cooler than fintech. Urgh. Learnt that lesson the hard way.
  • Remember kids, use broad spectrum reflective sunblock, vitC and vitA. Listen to the Peter Attia podcast about skin care.
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, nap, explored a bunch of new podcast shows – without much luck, sunset podcast promenade walk, played with ucrm.
  • Inbox-zero – for the first time in many weeks!
  • “The road to the top is better than the top, don’t be in such a hurry that you don’t enjoy the ride.” — Dan Bilzerian

  • Thursday, work, gym, swim, sauna, office, pretty much the last day of dev work – systems freeze, iOS and macOS upgrade day, dinner at Hugo and Dennis’ house with Georg and Romeo.
  • Friday, up early, took a podcast walk around Sea Point listening to Startup School by Seth Godin, inbox-zero-day-3, worked at Cafe Neo – nice salads, a Campari at La Vie with Nick and Simone, Jacques dropped off some hardware – I have a 500G external SSD backup drive now.
  • I decided to give up on emacs and just use Sublime and jed.
  • Saturday, notes and photo processing, used my new backup drive – seems to do around 100MB/s, gym, epic nap, house sitting in Tamboerskloof, supper at The Blue Cafe – old favourite, flaneuring walk, ice cream at Unframed, watched Eyes Wide Shut again – nice xmas movie.
  • I cleaned up my homebrew packages – how does homebrew not have autoremove!?
  • Going to gym twice a week makes a big difference – no need for more than that really. Florence makes for good gym music.
  • Can’t really think of any new years resolutions I made over the last year or two. I used to do that kind of thing. Nothing comes to mind. I guess I’m more into weekly cycles now. Hmm. My NY resolution is to become a bit more useful with software dev again.
  • Heros, past and present: Ma.tt, Tony Hsieh, A16Z, Jobs, Paul Car, Sivers, Dan Bilzerian, Tim, Attia, JP, Ripley, Elon… sure there must be more, but that’s what comes to mind.
  • How businesses are built: sleep, have ideas, make notes, discuss ideas, create two or three crappy things a day (not perfect just functional), remember that it’s your own little (Sivers) universe, learn, sleep.
  • Sunday, a bit of sysadmin tinkering, walked down to Blue Cafe again for a Full Monty breakfast, assembled a server with Giles, a drink with Paul, New Money Russia 2 at Wonderland club with Georg and Lauren – good fun, memories of lying on a trampoline and looking at the stars with Paul.
  • Easy way to go back to the Classic WordPress editor. GUIs are usually lame.
  • Tune of the week: a-ha – Take On Me
  • Tunes of they year: Stephan Bodzin

Have a fun week, crazy kids.