All I want for xmas is a John Oliver vs Jordan Peterson debate

Some criticisms of John Oliver I posted on FB recently - now on the open internet.

"John Oliver tells me what to do."

I used to find Last Week Tonight with John Oliver amusing, but recently something about it has been bugging me.

He obviously has a liberal bias, which is fine.

He uses very selective editing. Sometimes he has to cut the clip half sentence to make sure none of the context leaks into his story (or joke rather).

With enough selective editing he can probably convince his audience of anything and make them laugh about it at the same time. Seems kinda dangerous to me.

He thinks he's a comedian - but, his audience thinks he's a journalist.

A scary number of people seem to post links to John Oliver episodes to motivate their position on a topic.

After reading this and watching a recent episode, I think it's the recipe that's the most annoying...

From Quora... here’s how he does it:

- Introduce topic, make a joke about it. Add it a lot of “F” bombs for effect
- make point #1. Joke
- Joke
- point #2. Joke
- Ludicrous metaphor, F-bomb, over the top joke, F-bomb, F-bomb, joke
- point #3. usually gets to the meat of his segment around this point. F-bomb, serious voice.
- points finger at the camera / audience. F-bomb. Joke. F-bomb
- conclusion. Joke

"Found this on the internet :) Oliver continues in the tradition of Jon Stewart, adding reinforcements to the “liberal” bubble. He coddles his viewers by convincing them (as if they needed more convincing) of how right they are, how wrong they are, how many more facts they know than them. The visual assault of fact after fact without any time given to admit the weak points in his argument robs his viewers of the opportunity to think, or have any deep understanding of an issue. Worse, the false sense of solidarity that comes with sharing an Oliver segment on Facebook is an invitation to apathy not resistance." -- Jacques

Too many jokes to be taken seriously. Too serious a topic to be a comedian.

From HBO - the tits and dragons company - you can now get your comedy and brainwashing at the same time.

Keep this in mind when you share the next John Oliver video.