23 Problems for the Next Decades

A few problems to work on. Take some time and make your own list.

From Seth's Blog: Hilbert’s list - 23 problems we need to think about.

Here is a list I think is interesting:

  1. Highly efficient clean food growing, aquaponics probably
  2. Clean energy and greatly improved energy storage
  3. Carbon sequestration at scale
  4. Clean up the oceans
  5. Replace the University, vocational training with status
  6. Scalable basic education, particularly literacy
  7. Cost efficient housing at scale
  8. Constant realtime health monitoring and telemetry
  9. Effective treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart disease
  10. Figure out the human microbiome
  11. Alternatives to paid labour for humans - getting around the need to be needed
  12. Distributed living, ways to live outside big cities, smart towns
  13. Fibre internet to every home and business on the planet
  14. Re-decentralisation of the internet, and tech independence
  15. IPv6 everywhere and interplanetary internet
  16. Optical routing - silicon photonics
  17. Very high quality telepresence - no need to commute
  18. Some new way to stimulate startup innovation and generate more founder run small businesses, possibly fully automated, without employees
  19. Very low cost desalination and clean water
  20. Safe autonomous and inexpensive transport
  21. Air travel with much less impact on the environment
  22. An AI that does boring admin for you
  23. Take commies for helicopter rides

Basically: a world of abundance through technology.

Give this a watch: Reinventing Societal Infrastructure With Technology

Have a fun and meaningful 2019!