Quick Update

Happy new year, crazy kids…

  • Week of 31 December to 6 January.
  • Monday, start of a whole new week – last day of 2018, woke up craving a bloody mary, ventured out to the shops, made some gourmet bloody marys with Paul, made some scrambled eggs, La Perla with Mariana, Mojo market, had some of my favourite bubbly: Graham Beck – Brut Zero 2012, nap, watched half of Bird Box on Netflix, watched 6 Days to Air – nice doccie, NYE countdown with Paul and Nicci, went to bed at 01:00ish.
  • “The price you pay for the life you choose.”

  • Tuesday, watched THX 1138 – not bad for a 1971 movie, wrote a blog post, lunch at La Vie with Paul, Nicci and Wouter, watched the rest of Bird Box over IPv6 – not bad, sunset podcast promenade walk, steak dinner at Hussar, watched American Graffiti – entertaining movie.
  • I wrote a blog post: 23 Problems for the Next Decades
  • I updated my post from last week: 100 Things I Wish I Knew Before Turning 30
  • I seem to blog more when on holiday.
  • Time is luxury.
  • If most people have been silent on a topic they agree on, and a few brave people speak up, a lot of people will speak up and create a revolution.
  • Wednesday, read about the new VyOS, backups, blogging, gym, a G&T at Rockpool with Georg, offsite backups while taking a podcast nap, photo processing, sunset walk, curry supper at 91 – good value.
  • I processed all my 2018 photos. I only took 1728 photos. In 2017,16,15,14 I took 2674, 2833, 2631, 4001.
  • I listened to the two Naval episodes again.
  • Check out the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack on Spotify.
  • I now have a slash now page.
  • I’ve developed this new habit of only watching 1/2 a movie at a time. Not sure it’s a good idea.
  • Thursday, breakfast at Vovo Telo at the Waterfront with Georg, tinkered with ssh keys, Clifton with Zee – they mayor of 2nd beach and Georg – they mayor of 1st Beach, steak dinner at NV80 with Georg, time well spent.
  • Pet hate: restaurants that stop serving breakfast at 11:00.
  • I installed some new ed25519 ssh keys on some servers I admin. Make sure you store your SSH keys on an encrypted filesystem.
  • I blogged about SSH Key Management
  • Friday, general tinkering and blogging, Clifton 1st afternoon with Georg, Adrian, Dan (the stunt man), Biggie and Leo (the dogs), supper at Ari’s – an after-beach summer dining institution, time well spent.
  • How to be happy: go to beach, close your eyes, don’t think about the past or the future.
  • The Introvert Door Slam
  • Everybody skim-reads these days. Bullet point blog posts for the win.
  • Cool A16Z interview
  • Saturday, gym, braai at Anton’s with Georg and Alex, dinner at Sidewalk Cafe in Vredehoek with Johann, Victoria and their daughter, Eugene and Al, nice catch up.
  • Sunday, walked to the Waterfront, found a CR2025 battery for my bluetooth keyring, lunch at Den Anker with Georg, a Hoegaarden with Al at La Parada, nap, sunset walk, supper at Raphael’s Lebanese Cafe, watched Equals – not bad.
  • Nerdy info: CR2025 is a button cell battery: C = lithium, R = round, 20 mm diameter, 2.5 mm height
  • I listened to Anything You Want by Derek Sivers again, great book.
  • Hope is not a strategy.
  • Tune of the week: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California

Have a fun 2019, crazy kids.