Quick Update

Simplicate and add lightness…

  • Week of 14-20 January.
  • This post is late – I think it’s because I was never in the mood to blog over the last few evenings.
  • Monday, walked to the office, omelette at Knead, sunset audio book walk, watched Star Trek Beyond again, time well spent.
  • Discovered PureOS and Purism. That phone looks cool.
  • Tuesday, work, gym, swim, sauna, lunch at Mary-Anne’s again – broc fix, work, nap, pipetrack hike with Nick, wagu biltong, sunset audio book promenade walk, browsed photos from ten years ago – found some photos from around 2009 – I met Paul around that time, also first trance party I went to with Andrew.
  • You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Madeleine Peyroux – earworm from 2009 days, I really loved this song for some reason.
  • Homo Deus is a great book. 15 hours well spent. You really need to hear his ideas of the future – especially the Dataism ideas.
  • IPv6: enabler of the 2nd phase of the dataism religion. When everything connects.
  • Uber drivers are training the AI that will replace them.
  • Suffering is optional.
  • Wednesday, work, dev meeting, lunchtime walk, data fixing, a drink at The Hotel on the Promenade, supper at Rafeal’s Lebanese Cafe.
  • Thursday, work, gym, swim, sauna, veggie food – broc fix, worked at La Vie, a long promenade walk with Al – chats about health hacking.
  • No Wolfkop this year. Tiny bit worried it’s getting rather big.
  • Friday, Naulene made it onto my todo list – fun and games visiting the Cape Town magistrates court, and then the Somerset West magistrates court, breakfast at Fred and Max, back to the magistrates court, then to the police station, gym visit – to write an email to family advocate and lawyer, fetched Mia from school and spent two hours with her at Lourensford, dropped Mia off at her gran’s, back to Laurensford’s night market with Dirk, good catch up.
  • Why all the court and police activity? Because Naulene, in all her wisdom, has preveted me from seeing Mia all December.
  • Saturday, woke up in Somerset West, braai and nerdy chats with Dirk, braved Somerset Mall to get some AirPods – late xmas present from me to me, a few beach walks: Llandudno, big and little Beta beach, Clifton 1-4 and back, sunset promenade walk, in bed early.
  • AirPods mini-review: pretty cool, 5 hours battery life might be a problem for longer walks, it’s a bit annoying that you can’t change the volume (by just using the AirPods) – but I worked out that you can use your Apple watch digital crown to change the volume. The double tap thing works ok – I don’t use Siri, but you can set it to pause/play and have skip to next track functions. Not having cables that keep getting tangled is amazing though. The trick seems to be to remember taking the little case with you… which kinda complicates your life a tiny bit.
  • Yeah, well spotted, this is a failure on the simplicate principle. Argh.
  • Remember the days you would listen to podcasts on an iPod? Feels like at least two lifetimes ago.
  • Inspiration is perishable.
  • Sunday, random tinkering and photo processing, gym – listened to the James Damore interview with Joe Rogan – he sounds like a sensible dude, swim, nap, a white russian at La Vie with Georg, burger and another white russian at Harvey’s, sunset beach chill on Clifton 1st with Georg, time well spent.
  • I seem to have a soft spot for A-ha and Fleetwood Mac.
  • Check out: This week in startups podcast.
  • I’m excited for Sivers’ next books.
  • Tune of the week: A-ha Unplugged 2017 – I´ve been losing you
  • Remember kids: Love the doing. Smart and interesting. Adventure. Meaning. Simplicate and add lightness.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.