Quick Update

This post is late...

Road Trip
  • Week of 28 January to 3 February.
  • Monday, woke up in Somerset West, hotel breakfast, school run, gym, office, Skype meeting, podcast walk, worked a bit at La Vie, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • How To Be Successful
  • "Compound yourself. Compounding is magic. Look for it everywhere. Exponential curves are the key to wealth generation. A medium-sized business that grows 50% in value every year becomes huge in a very short amount of time. Few businesses in the world have true network effects and extreme scalability. But with technology, more and more will. It’s worth a lot of effort to find them and create them."

  • Tuesday, worked a bit at Bootleggers, walked to Strolla, I had two breakfast specials at Knead, office, dev meeting, more meetings, a drink and some creative writing at La Vie.
  • "We spend our lives learning how to live."

  • Wednesday, up early, perfect morning weather, walked to gym, swim, sauna, office, Teraco meeting, some creative writing, lunchtime walk, Strolla, game steaks for dinner at Hussar.
  • You should probably be in the business of automation.
  • Thursday, Bootleggers, Knead breakfast special, office, worked at La Vie, worked a bit at a new bar around the corner, some creative writing.
  • Friday, gym, swim, sauna, office, watched Mia's swimming gala - which was a bit disappointing, chateaubriand early supper at Hussar with Mia, Gordons Bay Bikini Beach Books, dropped Mia off at her mom's house, fetched camping gear - aB crate and five finger shoes, in bed early.
  • About the gala: Mia showed up without goggles, lost her cap, came 5th in the medley race - a girl that's a year younger beat her, then she was late for two of her races and they had to call her over the PA system - reminded me a bit of The Baumer's tennis meltdown, I had to take a walk. At least she won the backstroke race.
  • It's not weak, to not know.
  • Trying not to forget - mindful eating, and drinking.
  • Saturday, meeting in Gardens, lunch with Paul, Leaving Las Vegas express stop at Ultra, road trip to Helderstroom with Paul, set up our tents around sunset.
  • Sunday, Origin, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: I've Been Losing You - from the Norwegian band, A-ha, released in 1986 - which seems to be a song about a guy singing to a girlfriend he just shot.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.