Quick Update

Loadshedding, ouzo, clug…

Snow Globe
  • Week of 4 to 10 February.
  • Monday, woke up in Helderstroom, packed up, a search for Paul, swim, very average coffee, drove back to Cape Town, stopped at Peregrine farm stall for the usual springbok pie, dumped some camping stuff in storage, caught up on some emails, nap, greek food and ouzo at Mykonos Taverna with Paul – always good.
  • Tuesday, office, made a presentation deck, gave a CLUG talk about Open Networking at UCT, dinner at Woodstock Brewery with the CLUG people.
  • CLUG – a blast from the past – 10 years ago, wow. 1999-2008ish.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, office, Ocean Basket, tea at the Protea Hotel in Sea Point, sunset podcast promenade walk, some creative writing.
  • Thursday, configured a router, macOS and iOS upgrade day, office, data fixing day, interesting phone call, braai at home.
  • Friday, woke up a tad hungover, spreadsheet making, Kloof st visit, fetched Mia, clothes shopping for Mia at the Waterfront, we watched Glass – not bad, Ocean Basket.
  • What’s a mind worth if it can’t be changed?
  • Saturday, breakfast with Mia, device upgrades and backups, gym, swim, Granger Bay market – for Mia’s usual olives fix and found some chia seeds, lunch at Lily’s with Mia – good chats, shopping, nap, dropped Mia off at a party at the Somerset West Country, worked a bit at W Cafe, fetched Mia again.
  • Sunday, creative writing, convinced Mia to go find some lunch, Posticino, Mia wanted to go watch Bohemian Rhapsody – but there was loadshedding as we arrived at the movies, found a book for Mia at EBs, a beer at Den Anker – they have grenadine which Mia loves, tinkered a bit at home, sunset promenade walk, curry at 91.
  • I was low on photos this week… because, like a fool, I imported them, then removed them all from my phone, and then realised the import did not happen. Thanks Apple.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.