Quick Update

Solo, flaneuring, best time to be alive…

  • Week of 11-17 Feb.
  • Monday, breakfast with Mia, school run, court visit, Fred&Max breakfast, Stellenbosch visit, office – until loadshedding at 16:00 – argh, even 3G internet dies, nap, sunset promenade walk.
  • Ear infection on the left side. Suspecting podcasts and swimming. Not the best combo.
  • I think it’s safe to say you are a shitty parent when you take your daughter’s phone charging table – which prevents her from communicating with her father.
  • Tuesday, office, doctor visit, got some ear drops at Dischem, dev catch up, lunchtime walk, troubleshooting, Strolla, sunset walk.
  • Wednesday, voted for The Cape Party at the Camps Bay Club – Ward 54 election, Octotel team building day, went for a Table Mountain hike in a group of ten, burgers and beers at Hudsons in Kloof str, afternoon of problem solving chats at the Platteklip Wash House in Oranjezicht, braai.
  • Thursday, woke up at the Platteklip Wash House, Camps Bay beach visit, breakfast at Caprice, office, meeting, dev meeting, meeting, phone chat with Jacques, mini nap, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Friday, work, gym, WW rotisserie chicken and avo and some chardonnay – gourmet bachelor food, took a longer than usual flaneuring podcast walk to via Clifton to Camps Bay – Clifton 4 was cloudy and looked like a scene from a Monkey Island game, a drink in Camps Bay, watched Solo again with a g&t – good movie, time well spent.
  • I took a walk today, with wireless headphones in my ears listening to mostly A-ha, and I did not even think to take my wallet, paid for a drink, then took an Uber back home while having a 2 hour facetime audio chat with Jacques – and the call transitioned happily from GSM to home wifi, like wow! – we are living in the future kids – while I’m writing this, I can tap my left ear twice to skip to the next song. Holy shit, this is the best time to be alive, so, maybe stay alive a bit longer kids? There are some Star Trek things coming, trust me.
  • Urhm, it was Valentines day this week, and that’s rad, but I really can’t say I’m that positive on meeting humans. To add context I asked somebody on a walk this week, with lukewarm feedback… which in Sivers speak, is not ideal.
  • Alexa, exploit a worker!
  • Saturday, got up late, watched the rest of Solo, nap, tinkered a bit at La Vie, sunset walk, watched Papillon – good movie.
  • “I know.” — Han Solo.

  • Sunday, general tinkering and creative writing, photo and notes processing, gym, sunset podcast promenade walk.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.