Quick Update

Just like that, summer was over…

Pipe Track
  • Week of 4-10 March.
  • Monday, up early, rainy day, watched the last few minutes of Lost in Translation, gym, sauna, office, Strolla, La Vie, sunset podcast walk.
  • Been pondering some changes.
  • Tuesday, Bootleggers, Knead breakfast special, office, lunchtime walk, late afternoon Pipe Track hike with Al.
  • Nobody is dying of cancer. Something Jonathan used to say.
  • Wednesday, gym, sauna, office, dev meeting, Strolla, sunset walk, 91, 143 zen.
  • Podcast queue zero, inbox zero!
  • Funny how having something big to finish works well for procrastination and flushing the queue of all the other small things.
  • Thursday, Bootleggers, Knead breakfast special, office, creative writing, biltong and Counting Crows.
  • “Voluntary death and rebirth redeems.” — JP

  • “Go out and face your dragons.” — JP

  • Friday, gym, sauna, office, DC move meeting, general tinkering at La Vie with more Counting Crows, sunset walk, a whisky with Wouter.
  • Seems impossible for me to add FB friends faster than people are quitting FB or unfriending me, not sure which is a bigger drain on the system.
  • Adventure.
  • Saturday, slept late, fetched Mia from Rushmore, fetched Jacques, Plaasfees at Diemersdal wine farm, nap, extended braai, watched a bit of Aquaman, babies don’t sleep this well.
  • “We reject: kings, presidents and voting. We believe in: rough consensus and running code.” — David D. Clark

  • Sunday, breakfast at Jacques’, we watched Captain Marvel at the 3D IMAX – entertaining, frogurt, Mia and I tried to find Panama Jacks – turns out they moved it, so we walked around the cruise terminal at the Waterfront, oyster special at Sea Breeze on Bree – Mia seems to like oysters now – brain food / vitamin sea, Moro gelato, shopping for breakfast goodies, backups, notes and photo processing, so many devices to charge – 8, time well spent.
  • Tunes of the week: Counting Crows obviously, this one is interesting: Possibility Days.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.