Quick Update

The moments that make up your life till you wake up…

  • Week of 18-24 March.
  • Monday, woke up to loadshedding – which was fun, Somerset West with Milton, coffee with Dirk at Merkava, work, to avoid loadshedding Wouter and Rene and I went to Magica Roma in Pinelands – been meaning to go check it out for a while, good food – had a mega-umami porcini mushroom veal dish.
  • Tuesday, work, office, meeting at the Waterfront, loadshedding at 20:00, blogging in the dark, podcast listening in the dark, in bed early, great sleep.
  • Podcasts work well during loadshedding… the trick is to not fall asleep, too quickly.
  • Luxury is time. Podcasts create time. Podcasts create luxury.
  • Wednesday, work, phone chat with Jack from the Cape Party – nice guy, gym, swim, sauna – no, wait – no sauna because loadshedding, some website tinkering, house and dog sitting in Bakoven, Romeo and I had a romantic candle-light red wine drinking session – 2016 L’avenir Stelllenbosch Classic, in bed early.
  • Who knew creative writing would be this useful? Use the active voice kids.
  • Thursday, public holiday, up early-ish, Bakoven adventure with Romeo – an ~hour phone chat with Dirk while walking around little beach, big beach, Camps Bay beach, braai with Georg, Al, Mimi and Stephan Bodzin (sans Adrian – who had a social hangover), gourmet braai broodjies, food coma nap, fed the dog and two cats, watched Love, Death, Robots on Netflix – not bad, time well spent.
  • Having a social hangover is a thing, it seems.
  • Friday, I managed to set off the alarm – which was amusing, general tinkering, fetched Mia from her gran’s house, took her for an early birthday lunch at Waterkloof – excellent deserts – nice views, Clifton 1st beach walk with Mia and Romeo, loadshedding and candles, watched a bit of Netflix, time well spent.
  • Dogs are sentient.
  • What’s broken gets fixed, what’s shitty lasts forever.
  • Saturday, notes processing and blogging, made breakfast with Mia – after her 12h sleep, planned the holiday, braai and gourmet braai broodjies, Bodzin, perfect weather, nap, we took Romeo for a walk from Bakoven to Glen Beach and back – epic sunset – chats about compounded vs linear growth and network effects, time well spent.
  • High five, Capitalist Party
  • I updated my list of groups you must support in South Africa: Fighting the Commies : Like, follow and subscribe: 1) The Renegade Report, 2) ZACP – Capitalist Party of South Africa, 3) The Cape Party, 4) AfriForum.
  • Sunday, fed the three pets, woke Mia up from her 14h sleep, braai with Jacques and Marietjie, followed by and another Clifton 1st visit with Romeo, tinkering, chilling, blogging, red wine, watched a live Youtube debate, time well spent.
  • Read these again, slowly: How to Get Rich (without getting lucky). How To Be Successful.
  • Tune of the week: Bodzin Cercle, again!!

Have a fun week, crazy kids.