Quick Update

Belgian beer hangover…

  • Week of 1-6 April.
  • Monday, walked to the office, Sabada lunch, pancake, tea with Michael, tinkered at La Vie.
  • Listen to the Tim Ferriss interview with Neil Gaiman. Design your own Groundhog day.
  • Tuesday, work, backups, gym, swim, sauna, Strolla.
  • Stake in outcome vs perks of rank. The incentives always win.
  • Manage complexity. Articulate well. Keep motivation.
  • Wednesday, walked to the office, dev meeting, breakfast for lunch at Knead, watched Alan speak at Startup Grind, La Parada with Georg and Nick, mussels at Den Anker, time well spent.
  • Science before engineering.
  • I’ve been drinking more tea and avoiding coffee. Lady Grey tea.
  • I don’t remember having to process information at this rate 10 years ago? News, podcasts, learning.
  • “Each day we demand more from society, so we can demand less from ourselves.”

  • Thursday, Teraco visit – the new cabinet is looking good, MMR visit, office, Van Hunks with Anton, dinner at Anton’s.
  • Wrote a mini business plan for a new idea in the back of an Uber.
  • Friday, work, Bootleggers, La Vie, big monthly backup while taking a nap, Dennis’ birthday dinner at Beluga, a drink at Van Hunks with Georg and Anton, en bed early.
  • Saturday, slept fairly late and played with a few side project ideas, ventured to the shops to get antihistamine – seasonal change I guess, promenade walk, nap, creative writing, IPv6 tinkering.
  • I like Ben Shapiro, listen to his interview with Andrew Yang.
  • Sunday, tea, creative writing, more IPv6 tinkering, Clifton 1st with Georg and Dan, dinner at the Mojo Market, time well spent.
  • Watch: Philosophy of Pessimism

Have a fun week, crazy kids.