Quick Update

Podcasts, beer, ramen…

Bantry Bay
  • Week of 15-21 April.
  • Monday, walked to the office, dev catch up, had a Beyond Burger (vegan) at Scheckters Raw – not bad.
  • Tuesday, creative writing, work, gym, swim, sauna, sunset podcast promenade walk, watched some videos about Salt.
  • We launched a survey for a new project idea. Data is looking pretty good.
  • Wednesday, office, dev meeting, breakfast for lunch at Knead, data centre migration admin, a beer at The Mojo Market, steak dinner at Carne on Kloof with Adrian and Georg with malbeck and tiramisu – time well spent.
  • Thursday, meeting at Bootleggers, office, kimchi, ramen and beer, after-work beers at the office, nap, watched a video about IPv6 address planning over IPv6.
  • An IPv6 site, /48, has 281 trillion internets of address space.
  • Friday, public holiday, creative writing, gym, sauna, chicken lunch with some bubbly and deep nerding, sunset walk, watched The Intouchables again.
  • I kinda live between the office and the gym. Snow globe is getting a bit small again.
  • I uninstalled Java from my laptop. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I also removed Flash.
  • My podcast app says I’ve listened 1155 hours of podcasts.
  • Genius is: being stubborn, unreasonable, and lucky.
  • Somehow I worked out that I stared 3x R1B+ companies, I figure my hit rate is 5/20. The big lesson, which, let’s be honest, I fucked up, is that value building is a ten year game. The VCs are right 20 bets. I think I can still manage 10/20. Eternal optimist.
  • Find a scene. A nerdy scene. As Brian Eno likes to say: Scenius.
  • Become obsessed with something.
  • Joe’s MO: Telecoms. Startups. Collecting nerds.
  • Code and media: products with no marginal cost of replication. Permissionless leverage. Recurring revenue models, scale effects and network effects.
  • I installed a DNSSEC plugin for Firefox this week, seems very few places use DNSSEC.
  • Saturday, lazy day, deep nerding, nap, afternoon walk, salad at Mykonos Taverna, watched Passengers – good movie.
  • I wrote a little business plan for the new podcast app idea: a2d2, actually 6 docs, was supposed to be a quick hack, ended up taking two weeks. Oh well, fun experiment.
  • Sunday, more deep nerding, backups, brunch at La Vie, general tinkering on side projects, windy sunset podcast promenade walk.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.