Quick Update

Promenade Sunset
  • Week of 29 April to 5 May.
  • Monday, we made green smoothies, school run, breakfast with Dirk at W Cafe, office, vidcon about whitebox switches, sunset podcast promenade walk, watched some videos about ONL/SONiC.
  • Tuesday, work, gym, sauna, nap, dinner with Wouter and Rene.
  • I played with Minds.com and Librem.one this week. Also Swoot.com and PodBean.com.
  • Wednesday, public holiday, random tinkering, rotisserie chicken and avo lunch, nap, sunset promenade walk, watched The Mexican again – while blogging, watched a Spacex Falcon Heavy launch video – Arabsat-6A from 11 April, first time they managed to land all three boosters.
  • Days are feeling shorter, wintery.
  • I seem to rarely just watch a movie these days, I’m always doing something else while watching.
  • “Look, in my business you’re surrounded by loneliness, and finality. Now I don’t care what your take is on an afterlife, when people die, it’s scary. They go alone. Now the people that I send off, that have experienced love, they’re a little less scared. I mean they’re still scared, but there’s… a calmness to ’em, and I think that comes from the knowledge that somebody, somewhere loved ’em, and cared for ’em, and will miss ’em. Now I see that from time to time, and I am awed by it. I don’t think I’d be telling you any of this if it wasn’t for Frank. Anyway, it’s a loaded question. Look, when two people love each other – Totally, TRUTHfully, all the way Love each other – the answer to that question is simple, especially in your case. When do you get to that point where enough is enough? Never… Never.” — Leroy (James Gandolfini), The Mexican.

  • Thursday, green smoothie, office, BIA machine visit, dinner with Al and Adrian at El Burro.
  • Friday, green smoothie, office, Hokey Poke bowl for lunch, a few long phone chats with Jacques, sunset promenade walk, time well spent.
  • “Maybe you don’t want to dance in the burning ruins.” – JP

  • Saturday, random tinkering, gym, Chateaubriand at Hussar with Georg, nap, a drink at Van Hunks with Georg, dinner at Chris’, Georg is off to Nigeria for two weeks, seems Georg is the Curry Club’s number one customer.
  • I played with Nextcloud, Onlyoffice, and Discourse, pretty cool.
  • Sunday, random reading and tinkering, brunch at Coco Safar, made some notes about a reboot of an old project – startup scene stuff, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, brain food and bubbly at the Mojo market, epic sunset, app research, time well spent.
  • Remember to vote for the Purple Cow (ZACP) and the Cape Party this coming Wednesday!

Have a fun week, crazy kids.