Quick Update

Bodzin and braai broodjies…

Sea Point
  • Week of 6-12 May.
  • Monday, office, dev catch up, datacentre admin, a few productive phone calls, gym, Van Hunks with Anton.
  • Product-founder-market fit.
  • Inspiration is perishable. Impatient with action. Patient with results.
  • “That’s how you’re gonna beat ’em, Butch. They keep underestimating you.”

  • Tuesday, up early, spreadsheet tinkering, creative writing, office, breakfast for lunch at Knead, Milton visit, sunset podcast promenade walk, saganaki salad.
  • You are the drug.
  • Wednesday, voting day, rainy and cold, creative writing, green smoothie, phone chat with Dirk, went to vote, went for a walk, nap, gym, promenade walk, phone chat with Jacques in London, dinner chats with Wouter and Justin.
  • Passed 50 days in my podcast app. 7th dan black belt in radio listening.
  • Thursday, office, voting results rolling in, tea at Strolla, Nick asked for some advice about Business Fibre in Cape Town.
  • I voted for ZACP and Cape Party. Moo. They ended up with 16k, 10k votes each.
  • Friday, video conference, lunch with Dirk, tea at Morgenster, fetched Mia from school, conveyor belt sushi at Cape Gate, watched Avengers End Game IMAX 3D – pretty good, Mia enjoyed it, Moro gelato, house and dog sitting in Bakoven, watched some random Friends episodes with Mia, time well spent.
  • I generally think DC is better: Batman, Aquaman, Superman etc. I enjoyed the Ironman movies, Ant Man was not bad, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was excellent, but I’m not a fan of crystals, gods and blended storylines.
  • Saturday, we went to go find Mia some new slops in Camps Bay, breakfast at Melissa’s with beach views and a grapefruit mimosa, a series of conversations about the Naval podcast, braai with a Bodzin soundtrack, Mia made the braai brooodjies, nap, watched The Godfather part 1, Mia managed a 13h sleep, tws.
  • Sunday, braai broodjies for breakfast, general tinkering and chats with Jacques, backups, outing to Hout Bay with Mia and Romeo, pizza at Posticino’s, Hout Bay beach walk, watched Shrek, tws.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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