Quick Update

Turmeric, purposeless walks, detox week…

  • Week of 20-26 May.
  • Health week 1/8.
  • It was time for a bit of a health mission. I was almost 97Kg at the start of May, not good. Too much beer after my year of going gluten-free maybe. Time to stop the self destruction. Eight week plan: detox, keto, fast, keto, fat loss etc. This week was clean eating: no- alcohol, coffee, gluten, sugar, processed foods.
  • Monday, mega green smoothie, rainy day, office, BIA machine visit, podcast nap.
  • Tuesday, office, network ops lunch and a turmeric shot, tea at Strolla.
  • Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again.
  • I took a break from FB and Instagram most of this week. Even took a break from some Telegram groups. I still post Instagram photos with a macOS app though.
  • 1650 FB friends, seems I’m not making that many new friends – the social boom feels over.
  • Wednesday, work, green smoothie, Arista workshop at The Hilton hotel – I won the lucky draw, turned out to be a google home device – so I gave it back, at least the event tshirt is cool, walked to De Waterkant, sushi at Beluga.
  • “Smart, calm and healthy.” — on dating. Better than “Smart, interesting, not-cooked.”

  • “If you survey enough people, all their advice will cancel to zero. Reject most advice. Have your own point of view.” — Naval

  • “If you want to be a philosopher king, first you have to become a king.”

  • “Go slow to go fast.”

  • Be politely persistent.
  • Leverage automation, access, money, labour, in that order.
  • Thursday, work, gym, sauna, work, nap, purposeless walk to the Waterfront, watched John Wick 3 – not bad for what it is I guess.
  • I recently asked Mia why she keeps staying she did not like Interstellar – I always figured she thought it was boring, turns out she did not like it because it was so sad.
  • Friday, office, BIA machine, dev catch up, breakfast for lunch, ginger and turmeric shot, dev meeting, promenade walk, bearnaise game steaks skewer at Hussar, yum, played with Mu Editor and PyGame Zero, watched Pulp Fiction again.
  • “Dance like it hurts. Love like you need money. Work when people are watching. — Dogbert’s Motto” — Scott Adams

  • Have 3 hobbies: one that makes you money, one that keeps you fit, one that keeps you creative.
  • Saturday, felt really chipper, made some strategy notes, random tinkering and reading, gym, swim, sauna, rotisserie chicken and avo, nap, extended purposeless walk (flaneuring) to the far end of the Waterfront harbour wall and back, stopped for a turmeric shot half way, perfect weather, 20k steps, time well spent, I watched Interstellar again – epic movie.
  • Podcast queue zero, all 36 shows I follow, so I started listening to Pocket articles audio, works pretty well. Managed to trim Pocket from 45 to 3.
  • End of the nation state, enter city states.
  • Why You Procrastinate.
  • Oldie, but a goodie: The Slow Death of Purposeless Walking
  • Sunday, cloudy morning, took a purposeless walk to find breakfast, stopped for a random turmeric shot, tinkering, gym, reading, helped Wouter with a photography project, backups, in bed early.
  • RIP Jurie. Another cancer case, leaving us way too soon. I still have a can of spray plaster in my first aid kit because of Jurie. Works really well – though Mia never liked the sting. Do your quarterly 5 day fasts.
  • This coming week is keto week.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.