Quick Update

Plett, mussels, sauerkraut…

  • Week of 10-16 June.
  • Monday, school run – Naval podcast listening – again, gym, sauna, a green juice with Dirk, office, saganaki salad (17:00 supper) – great meal, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Trying to finish eating before sunset more often.
  • K8s is the new Linux.
  • Remember kids: smart, calm, healthy. 3 hobbies: health, creativity, money.
  • Tuesday, office, I asked somebody on a date – but did not get a response – bummer, network meeting, promenade walk, random tinkering at La Vie.
  • There are inly two kinds of jobs. If you are not in engineering, you are in support.
  • I never have more than about 20 photos on my phone. I make lots of screenshots as reminders, and process them often.
  • The more creative you are, the more bad ideas you have, which is probably a good thing.
  • Specialisation is for insects.
  • Interesting idea: write a manual on how people should best work with you.
  • Wednesday, office, Teraco visit for some cable tracing, German food, sauerkraut and mustard at the Hartlief deli in the Gardens Centre.
  • Must read: The world in which IPv6 was a good design
  • Thursday, creative writing, office, gpon lab tinkering, meeting at Bootleggers, watched Rocketman at the Waterfront – good movie – but not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody, a Duvel at the Duvel bar at Den Anker and the winter special moules frites, IRR organised book launch at EBs – The People’s War – nice event, I met Frans.
  • Reminder: The Thing I hate the Most
  • Friday, work, road trip to Plett with Georg for the long weekend.
  • The Huguenot Tunnel is about 4km long and took 4 years to build.
  • Saturday, brunch at The Lookout Deck with Georg, Al, Mimi, Sunene and Adrian, braai shopping, Pimms and a braai, time well spent.
  • Oysters take about 2 years to grow in a farm. Mussels grow in about 1 year, with males being white or creamy in colour and the females orange. South Africa also has its own indigenous Black Mussel species – these can be distinguished by the black or blue colour of the meat.
  • Sunday, brunch at The Lookout Deck again, oysters, in bed fairly early, time well spent, lots of laughs, thanks for organising Al!

Have a fun week, crazy kids.