Quick Update

Beagles love blueberries, Great Danes love earl grey…

  • Week of 1-7 July.
  • School holidays – week two. Birthday week.
  • This post is late, been doing a few boring things.
  • Monday, work, Mia and I watched The Hustle and the Waterfront – not bad but Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was much better, Mussels Monday and a Duvel at Den Anker, time well spent.
  • Doors and windows and what’s real
  • Tuesday, up early, fed the pets, work, very cold and wet day, a new puppy arrived – a Great Dane, Mia and I cooked a roast leg of lamb for dinner, time well spent.
  • The puppy is super cute. Grew up very quickly – from a real baby to walking up and down the stairs in three days.
  • I cleaned up many little puddles this week.
  • We watched more than one Friends episode this week.
  • Wednesday, the puppy woke me up, work – ISP migrations, Mia and I watched Family Secrets at The Theatre On The Bay, good show.
  • Humans love stories.
  • Thursday, my birthday, 4th of July, did some work, Mia and I took Romeo and the puppy for a Camps Bay beach walk – puppy’s first beach visit, Moro gelato, puppy fell asleep, so we went for conveyor belt sushi at The Cod Father – with a nice chardonnay, we watched Stranger Things season 3 – the full season – Mia has a thing for Stranger things and the 80s it seems – 4th of July fireworks – The Battle for Starcourt, time well spent.
  • About watching Netflix and video on demand – I remember going to The Computer Fair at Nasrec in Joburg around 1994 – they predicted that one day we would be able to stream video to our homes – they predicted it would need 8Mbps of bandwidth. Not a bad guess.
  • Friday, I watched the last Stranger Things episode again, discovered the puppy likes tea, Jarryd’s, Hartlief German deli food in the Gardens Centre, braai shopping, mini nap – but the puppy did not approve, birthday braai with Mia, Adrian, Simone, Nick and Georg, time well spent.
  • Nice spending two weeks with Mia.
  • Saturday, tea with the puppy, we took Mia’s phone for a battery swap, introduced Mia to eisbein at Hartlief deli, fetched the phone and got a new cover, dropped Mia off, attempted a nap, but the dogs wanted to wrestle, Paul and I had a joint birthday drinks event at Van Hunks, good fun.
  • Paul Carr is rad. Read the descriptions.
  • “We ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

  • Sunday, Paul’s birthday, a braai with Paul in Bakoven, catch up with Dennis and Hugo, dinner at Rene’s new apartment, time well spent, fell in bed just in time.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.