Quick Update

Mid afternoon…

Sea Point
  • Week of 8-14 July.
  • Monday, office, dev catch up, promenade walk, saganaki salad with Georg.
  • I was 100 podcast episodes behind at the beginning of the week – two weeks of no podcast listening.
  • Tuesday, up early, more ISP VLAN cutovers, office, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Wednesday, really shitty day, court, flat tyre on N2, Strolla, watched Sicario – great movie.
  • Not a big photo week, had to use a few of last week’s photos.
  • Thursday, office, ISP migrations, dev catch up, promenade walk, watched Sicario (II) Day Of The Soldado – also good.
  • Reminder to support the RR, IRR etc.
  • Friday, office, after work beers at the office, podcast nap, house party.
  • I think I should take on more nerdy projects soon – I made a list of tech I’d like to learn more about.
  • “If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad can it be?”

  • Saturday, woke up in the afternoon, watched Guardians of the Galaxy I again – epic movie, lupper with Georg at Hussar, a short Rockpool visit, watched About Time again.
  • “Well I woke up in mid afternoon cause that’s when it all hurts the most.” — Counting Crows, Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby

  • Sunday, watched Point Break again – rad movie, because of Point Break I figured I should watch Tank Girl – one of those movies I somehow missed in the 90s – it was painful and I skipped forward a bunch of times, amused myself with reading about QUIC and HTTP3, gym, Green Point park walk, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, phone chat with Paul, nerdy rabbit hole of reading about OpenWRT devices, photo processing, blogging, backups.
  • Read this again: The world in which IPv6 was a good design – which is why I was interested in QUIC.
  • Paul finally started listening to podcasts. Only took me 12 months.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.