Quick Update

Ape-ocalypse Now…

Three Anchor Bay
  • Week of 5-11 August.
  • Monday, school run while Mia took a nap – I always feel pretty bad about waking her up early – school should start at 09:00ish, W Cafe, fetched a card, work, gym, swim, sauna, took a long cold walk to the Waterfront, Mussels Monday with Adrian – we chatted startup ideas.
  • Tuesday, office, dev catch up, met some illustrators.
  • Peter Thiel’s Religion
  • Wednesday, office, meetings, stayed at the office late, in bed early.
  • Thursday, work, gym, sauna, watched Richard Says Goodbye at the Waterfront – enjoyed it, podcast promenade walk.
  • Code that does not exist has no have bugs.
  • I’ve been researching Quasar, looks pretty cool. Every startup bro needs to be a full stack developer right?
  • Friday, public holiday, tinkering, gym, email backlog scrubbing, sunset podcast promenade walk, a quick visit to Van Hunks with Al, Adrian and Ryan, Royale Burger – with sweet potato fries, Moro Gelato, watched the Planet of the Apes series – well, more like skipped though the first three movies and watched the last one – Ape-ocalypse Now.
  • Saturday, up fairly early, took a promenade walk, tinkering, backups, I made a gourmet omelette, epic nap, watched the rugby at Van Hunks with Georg, Carel, Eugene, Karla and the mayor of Van Hunks.
  • Carel has clocked 133 days in his podcasting app. Impressive. I’m on 56 days.
  • The people who keep us company
  • Sunday, I watched The The Hummingbird Project – not bad, extended nap, rainy sunset podcast promenade walk, I watched The Hudsucker Proxy again.
  • Photos are a bit boring this week :-/

Have a fun week, crazy kids.