Quick Update

Lions Head, Fokofpolisiekar, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood…

  • Week of 2-8 September. Health week 3/6.
  • Monday, hello Spring, school run – a truck managed to block the highway and we were 30min late, Dirk visit, work, took a walk to the Waterfront, watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – entertaining movie – the ending is good, Mussels Monday at Den Anker – for free this time, watched Three Kings again – rad movie.
  • “He that has a why can bear any how.”

  • Tuesday, up early, walked to the office, dev catch up, Sababa lunch, supplement shopping, sunset audiobook promenade walk.
  • Install the DuckDuckGo add-on for Firefox
  • The Hard Work of being Lazy
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, sauna, office, dev catch up, catch up with PW at Strolla, nap, sunset audiobook promenade walk, watched Super 8 – entertaining movie.
  • I removed myself from FB and IG for a few days. Too batshit crazy.
  • Before 1993 it was illegal to use the Internet for any commercial activity.
  • If you use SwiftKey app, enable the Number Row feature.
  • I finished listening to 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – not bad, key take away: you have to keep learning through life and be ready to reinvent yourself, especially if you are in school at the moment. Learn, create, repeat.
  • Thursday, office, dev catch up, nap, watched the sunset from the top of Lions Head with a beer, braai with Wouter, time well spent.
  • “When the Jews leave it’s too early, when the Portuguese leave it’s too late.” — Justin

  • Friday, work, gym, swim, sauna, watched the rugby with Georg at Rockpool with a Hoegaarden, Clifton 1st, Rockpool with Paul, braai at home, watched the Fokofpolisiekar show at Mercury with Paul – always fun, Reset – where Paul lost his phone so I kinda lost him, Van Hunks for a fiery dragon, time well spent.
  • Saturday, woke up with a bloody mary craving, made some bloody marys with Paul, good chats with a bottle of Kaaimansgat, late afternoon nap – which turned into a 14h sleep.
  • Sunday, promenade walk, breakfast at Carlucci’s, random tinkering, server install with Linux 5.0, dinner with Wouter.
  • Tune of the week, When You Were Young, Sams Town, The Killers

Have a fun week, crazy kids.