Quick Update

Kimchi, Kentridge, Kriek…

  • Week of 9-15 Sept.
  • Monday, gym, swim, sauna, made an halloumi and eggs meal with some spicy kimchi, work, walked to the Waterfont, mussels Monday with Adrian at Den Anker and a cherry Kriek.
  • “I start every mobile phone conversation with ‘my phone is about to die’ so people don’t waste my time.” — GSE

  • Tuesday, up early, notes processing and blogging, mobility routine, walked to the office, dev catch up, cross connect migration planning, sunset podcast promenade walk, home prepared bachelor meal with spicy kimchi, watched the Apple iPhone 11 event with a fine merlot – tldr; in the future you will be able to upload wide angle photos over wifi6 from your phone! (the future in September)
  • Check out Docassemble and Figma.
  • Wednesday, gym, office, VLAN migration – the more painful kind – where they don’t show up and then cause drama, an after work drink with Faizel at Mojo market, a night cap with Wouter at La Vie.
  • Thursday, work, mediator visit with Mia’s mom – surprisingly productive, conveyor belt sushi at 1890, City Rock climbing gym with Wouter – good fun, we played mobile Genius Bar team and went to go backup and restore a new iPhone for Rene.
  • Friday, gym, work, made a kimchi, eggs and halloumi brunch, catch up with Dirk, watched Mia’s (last primary school) athletics event – she was a cheerleader, found the only (other) cool parent – and caught up on some gossip, steak dinner with Mia, Moro gelato, time well spent.
  • Saturday, went to the Granger Bay market with Mia, Wouter and Zander – smoothie bowls and kimichi shots, found a new bottle of kimchi for my collection, Mia and I took a walk to the La Perla and had Tiramisu, sunset Hout Bay beach walk, half watched some lame vampire movie on Netflix while researching something, time well spent.
  • “Save it for your blog, Howard.” — The Big Bang Theory

  • Sunday, up early because some losers had to come cheer for marathon runners, backups and device upgrades, brunch with Mia at Coco Safar, Mia and I completed her high school application forms, took a guided tour Zeitz Mocaa museum – Kentridge’s Why Should I Hesitate exhibition – it was vast – and very good – except for the insufferable artist types around, a beer on the 6th floor, Sotano, we watched Monsters University on Netflix, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley Reinhart – My Baby Just Cares

Have a fun week, crazy kids.