Quick Update

Dog sitting, school holidays and braaiing…

  • Week of 23-29 September.
  • This post is also late.
  • Monday, Wolfkop, early Braai-day next to the river.
  • Tuesday, public holiday, packing, brunch at Hebron on the way back with Paul and Wouter, dog sitting in Bakoven, Braai-day braai, watched Fantastic Mr Fox and Igby Goes Down again with Paul, great movies – time well spent.
  • “Contracts. See, families should be run like companies, with everybody’s responsibilities clearly defined. Children at the age of reason should be provided with legal representation and a contract drawn up. All the best relationships are based on contracts. Bunny and I have a contract. Now that you’re gonna come work for me, we’re going to have one. That piece of paper, Igby, is your clean slate.” — D.H., Igby Goes Down

  • Blondi, the Great Dane – is pretty big now – her food comes in 20kg bags.
  • Wednesday, caught up on email, fetched Mia, 3rd braai day with Paul and Mia, nap, Mia and I took the dogs for a sunset walk on Camps Bay beach, watched Event Horizon on Netflix – it was pretty much as lame as I remembered it to be.
  • Thursday, fed the pets, braai meat for breakfast, work, nap, we took the dogs for a sunset walk on Clifton 1st beach, burgers on the braai, we watched Dark Shadows – which was very entertaining, time well spent.
  • Friday, up early, took the dogs for a Beta Beach walk, Mia made us breakfast, Sea Point visit, braai with Pierre, Stefan, Wouter and Etienne.
  • Saturday, watched Ghostbusters again, braai with Jacques and family.
  • Sunday, wet and windy, conveyor belt sushi with Mia, dropped Mia off at her gran’s, watched Wild Wild Country on Netflix while cooking a roast chicken and veggies.
  • Tune of the week: Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens

Have a fun week, crazy kids.