Quick Update

AfricaCom week, annual telecoms nerd gathering…

  • Week of 11-17 November.
  • Health week… well, not a health week. Conference snacks and beer.
  • Monday, school run, gym, sauna, visited Mia’s school, work, open networking workshop at Victoria Junction hotel, walked home, micro nap, prom walk, upgraded some VMs to Debian 10.
  • Tuesday, work, lunch with Paul at Smak in Bree street, meeting at Firemans, FTTH Council meeting at The Cullinan, Tigers Milk happy hour, rooftop cocktails at the Grand Daddy Hotel, La Vie with Georg, upgraded more VMs.
  • Bumped into Yassin at the rooftop party, he had a funny comment about Frogfoot’s tag line changing from “Built and Managed with Attention to Detail” to “Just Connect”.
  • Wednesday, 2 hour mediation session, Israel trade mission telco startups afternoon at Zevenwacht, braai with Wouter and Zander.
  • Thursday, walked to The Radission, my 2nd ZAPF event (2/4), general telecoms nerding, nap, Cowboys and Cooks restaurant launch party in De Waterkant with Paul.
  • “You might never touch perfection, but it’s the reach that matters.”

  • Friday, office, dev meeting, lunch with Paul at Mozambik, Den Anker with Adrian, a Hoegaarden at La Vie, catch up with Al, watched that Stephan Bodzin Cercle video again.
  • Fairly social week, added 10 FB friends.
  • Saturday, catch up with Nick, lunch at the German Deli in the Gardens Centre, walked down Kloof street and had a beer at Hudsons, Waterfront, watched Motherless Brooklyn – good movie – go watch it, a glass of wine at Chris’ in Clifton.
  • I’ve been using the Maps app for macOS. Pretty cool. Avoiding Google.
  • Sunday, lazy morning, Debian 10.2 upgrades, big round of offsite backups, gym, extended sunset podcast promenade walk, random reading and tinkering.
  • Tune of the week: Vampire Weekend, Harmony Hall

Have a fun week, crazy kids.