Quick Update

Bakoven, Scarborough, Campari…

  • Week of 9-15 December.
  • This post is very late. I’ve been busy. End of the year stuff. End of decade stuff.
  • Monday, woke up in Bakoven, Mia and I took the dogs for a Camps Bay beach walk, work, braai with Mia – and some Chimichurri sauce, nap, Sea Point.
  • “Great entrepreneurship is artistry.”

  • Charl wrote a cool post about Starship GOU #1, taxiing on the runway. Mia also finished primary school recently.
  • Tuesday, office, dev catch-up, meeting, breakfast for lunch with Mia at the new Caffe Neo, The Creamery, nap, work, walked to the Waterfront with Mia, Den Anker for a Belgian waffle and Tarte aux Pommes with cream.
  • 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months.
  • Wednesday, work, Waterfront, SIM swap for Mia’s phone, we watched Knives Out at the VIP cinema – good movie, fish and chips, promenade walk, braai with Mia, Wouter and Zander.
  • “Why do men instinctively tamper with their parachute strings?” — Knives Out

  • I gave Mia two Philip K. Dick books to read, she said they were a bit weird. She says she has read more than 100 books in 2019 (thanks Nikki).
  • Thursday, work, Teraco visit, sushi at Izakaya Matsury with Mia – try it, nap, sunset promenade walk to Lili’s for a Campari.
  • Friday, work, office, dev catch up, brunch with Mia at Knead, dropped Mia off, drove to Scarborough with Stefan and Ina, Picanha braai, midnight LED frisbee session.
  • Saturday, Scarborough beach, walked to the local pub, more than one Campari with Stefan, rainy afternoon, xmas dinner, midnight LED frisbee session.
  • Sunday, Boulders beach, Windmill beach, lunch at Black Marlin, Risk board game afternoon.
  • Thank you for an epic weekend, Pierre, Stefan, Stefan, Kieran and co.
  • “Mag julle voorspoed julle verveel.” — D.S.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.