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Quick Update

Aperol, NYE, and last days in Sea Point…

Three Anchor Bay
  • Week of 30 December to 5 January.
  • This post is late. Had to move house, and arrange Mia’s high school logistics.
  • Monday, backups, catch-up with Wouter, Waterfront visit, found some new slops, calamari omelette and kimchi at the Korean place down the road – while listening to the Naval mega episode again, in bed early, 12h sleep.
  • Last few days of being based in Sea Point / Three Anchor Bay. Memories of many sunset podcast promenade walks. Making some fairly big changes. End of the 5 year fibre network adventure. Time for new adventures.
  • Tuesday, the last day of 2019, Gardens Bowling Club for Stefan’s birthday – our team won the bowling – I played with Pierre and Ina, g&ts with Wouter and Rene, NYE party at Stefan’s house – I insisted ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ be played just after midnight, home by around 2am, time well spent, happy birthday Stefan!
  • Bowling is pretty cool.
  • Wednesday, made Bloody Marys, Aperol Spritz and pizzas at Rockpool with Wouter and Rene, nap, watched Kingsman, sunset podcast promenade walk, Lily’s – dining alone again, watched Kingsman 2 – entertaining movies – the first one is maybe a bit better than the 2nd.
  • Check out fast frugal heuristic trees.
  • Time is personal. Your year changes when your life changes. 19 Dec.
  • Thursday, organised a few things and unpacked some bags from xmas days away, gym, rotisserie chicken and avo routine, cleaned my airpods case (not trivial), caught up on some article reading, extended late afternoon walk.
  • “Men test ideas. Woman test men.” — JP

  • What Will Happen In The 2020s. 1: nuclear power, 2: software eats the world, 5: decentralized cloud infrastructure, 8: privacy.
  • Friday, up early, mobility routine, general admin, gym, swim, sauna, Aperol and an early supper at Lily’s with Adrian, last night out in Cape Town for a while – Bascule Bar with Adrian and Al followed by Kloof Street House.
  • The Future Internet – nice read.
  • Saturday, decided to go test drive a Volvo xc60 – the pilot assist feature is petty rad (semi-autonomous driving), saganaki salad at Mykonos – man I love that stuff, nap, Aperol and laptop tinkering at Rockpool, fish curry dinner with Wouter, Rene and Barry.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, sauna, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, Gardens Centre, found a notebook and some pens, Waterfront, minimalism spring clean – gave away two big bags of old clothes (and last Nike stuff), last sunset promenade walk for a while, Poke bowl at the Mojo Market, in bed early.
  • A number of people have asked what I’ll be doing this year – to be honest I don’t really know yet, but I have two or three ideas. Mostly I’ll be a full time dad and school sports supporter, and I’d like to get back into software development.
  • btw. I still like Campari more than Aperol, but this week’s post needed an intro line.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.