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Adopting a teenager, Rushmore, iPad and Volvo…

Pearl Valley
  • Week of 6-12 January.
  • This post is very late. I took a month break from blog updates. Maybe I wanted to check that I still want to write these weekly updates. New decade etc. I think I’m going to stop posting these to Facebook. The format still works well enough, I think – ten photos and a few bullet points.
  • Monday, up early, fetched Mia from Somerset West, breakfast at Fred and Max, XC90 test drive, Somerset Mall – school items shopping with Mia, iPad option browsing, tea with Dirk, Access Park with Mia – New Balance shop, sushi at 1890, Waterfront – 20k steps of shopping with a teenager – getting ready for high school is hard work.
  • Sad to say, but Sea Point’s general feeling of safety, number of people sleeping on the streets, and levels of cleanliness have all been going in the wrong direction over the last 6 months.
  • Tuesday, up early, iPad buying for Mia, coconut breakfast at the whitest place in Africa, stationary shopping at the Gardens Centre, Waterfront, I found a Tumi laptop bag on special (my Tumi wallet has lasted ten years so far), I got a Forrest Gump haircut – according to Mia, found a bag for Mia’s new iPad, Japanese salads at Willoughby’s, packing, we moved to Franschhoek – Mia played Exitlude as we left Sea Point – see below, sunset walk and supper at the Pearl Valley clubhouse.
  • Mia is living with me from now on. Less drama. End of a decade of BS. I feel like a need a medal.
  • Stefan commented about babies being hard work when we were at Scarborough recently. “I’m just going to adopt a teenager.”
  • Be the person you needed when you were younger.
  • Mia introduced me to the concept of toner this week – learning about skin care.
  • iPad Pro mini-review: fast, pencil2 works really well, almost a laptop if you add the folding keyboard. Can’t fault it.
  • Wednesday, up early, omellettes at the clubhouse, orientation day at Rushmore – I think Mia will be happy at the new school, book shopping and optometrist visit in Stellenbosch, got a bluetooth label printer – fun toy, sunset flaneuring around the golf course with Mia.
  • We visited the optometrist to get Mia a new pair of spectacles. I figured I’d ask about the sports use case, so she ended up also getting contact lenses. Mia was super impressed with the contact lenses.
  • “It looks like the world has finally finished downloading.” — Mia, about contact lenses.

  • Tony Hsieh: just answer yesterday’s emails.
  • Chunk your projects by day, don’t sprinkle small units over many days. Slow multi tasking.
  • Recently, I really like Inari (sushi).
  • Thursday, Mia’s first day of high school, pretty easy school run – no traffic, managed to be productive again – for about an hour, until loadshedding – fibre offline and mobile data slows to being useless – joy, so I went to go find a UPS, another Volvo test drive, lunch with Dirk in Somerset Mall, sunset walk and supper with Mia.
  • I gave Mia a sleep tracker. Fitbit Charge 3. How to get teenagers to go to bed earlier. Pretty cool little device.
  • Friday, I made breakfast, school run, matcha latte to kill some time waiting for traffic, Cape Town visit, biltong shopping, bought some tea, fetched Mia’s new spectacles in Stellenbosch, quick wine tasting at Anthonij Rupert Wyne, fetched Mia from school, we took a drive all the way across Pleasantville to the Olympic length pool at The Yard – it’s a long drive – they obviously forgot to install a monorail system, sunset flaneuring around the golf course, supper and italian kisses, Vodacom fibre went down, so I went to bed early.
  • I’ve been avoiding coffee. Enmasse Earl Grey is great.
  • “I don’t drink coffee, I take tea, my dear… a gentleman will walk but never run.”

  • Electricity, mobile internet, fibre internet – choose two, sometimes only one. (Assuming you have a UPS)
  • I uninstalled Slack everywhere – I realised I don’t need it anymore, and it always sucked.
  • Saturday, I fetched my new car – close to the most nerdy car you can buy, snoek braai at Anton’s, Anton experienced semi-autonomous driving (level 2 autonomy), picturesque late afternoon drive home, braai with Mia – sirloin steaks with oven roasted broccoli and asparagus (the usual), time well spent.
  • I discovered the Volvo Apple Watch app because the car let me know that I forgot to lock it.
  • Try Naked Insurance. Pretty cool experience. Much better than my experience with Outsurance over the phone this week.
  • Volvo XC60 mini review: self parking, semi-autonomous driving, app to start aircon from anywhere, apple watch integration, wifi hotspot in the car with data SIM, HUD, 360deg parking camera, cool software / UX, the future is here. I get around 6.5l/100km. Zero buyer’s remorse.
  • I attended the Volvo Ocean Race at the Waterfront in 2017, always liked Volvo since then.
  • Sunday, lucid dreaming, caught up on some blogging, Babylonstoren (named after a koppie/hill on the farm), lunch at Babel with Mia – food was excellent – as always – we took some plumbs home – which reminded me of a weekend with Ernst in 2013 – when the plumbs made their way on to the (rainy) Origin dance floor – good times, sunset walk, time well spent.
  • “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” –- Oscar Wilde

  • Tune of the week: Exitlude – The Killers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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