Quick Update

Settling into my new snow globe…

Paarl views from R101
  • Week of 20-26 January.
  • Monday, woke up later than usual, tea, worked a bit at home, doctor visit – to check out the cut on my head and get a tetanus shot, watched Mia’s inter-house athletics, salads at Col’caccios.
  • “I believe in coincidence, but I also believe in the KGB.” — Garry Kasparov

  • Check out The Portal podcast.
  • Tuesday, school run, tea at Schoon, food shopping, nap, set up my home office, fetched Mia from swimming, I made an early supper, sunset walk with Mia.
  • Key Volkswagen Exec Admits Full Self-Driving Cars May Never Happen
  • Wednesday, the usual fruit salads, school run, avoided some traffic by visiting Jacques, Volvo Cape Town visit – to get the sunroof tinted, Wellness Warehouse, Strolla, Waterfront – to get Mia a new (rose gold) toothbrush, fetched Mia from water polo.
  • New toothbrush mini-review: I’ve been an Oral-B fan for many years. Having an electric toothbrush is simply a good idea. I recently switched to Philips Sonicare, for Mia and me. I was a bit sceptical the first few days, and to be honest the sonic vibration was a bit strange, but you get used to it quickly. I’m sold. Much cleaner smoother feel. Mia agrees.
  • Thursday, school run, worked at home, wine tasting and a lunch with Nikki at De Meye, Plaisir de Merle, La Motte, fetched Mia from swimming, nap, braai with Mia – time well spent.
  • Plaisir de Merle seems to translate to: Pleasure of Blackbird. I used to like their Chardonnay – hmm, not so sure anymore.
  • We eat too much.
  • “All countries have their mafia, our mafia has a country.” — Wouter

  • Friday, school run, home office, Mia and I went food shopping in Franschhoek, Boschendal Night Market, Italian Night at Babylonstoren – excellent food, time well spent.
  • The Portal: “Trump knows the liberal mind is automated. As soon as you break through one of its shibboleths, it has an automated non thinking reflexive reaction. He can map that, and then he can say, ok I’ll do something that will cause the reflexive reaction, but I will put something in place which is totally different so that when you have that reflexive reaction, you will be shown to be an NPC.” — Eric Weinstein, The Portal 17, with Anna Khachiyan.

  • GenX is just getting started. In terms of influence.
  • Saturday, lunch at Arkeste with Stefan, Pierre and Cici – and Chamonix 2016 Chardonnay, followed by an afternoon at the clubhouse pool followed by a braai at home, time well spent.
  • Sunday, Mia and I took a road trip to Rawsonville, brunch at Ou Meul at Du Toitskloof Wines, quick visit to Goudini Spa, drove back via R101 to Paarl – skipped the tunnel – very pretty route, Paarl Mall, watched Lucy, sunset walk, watched The Big Short again – rad movie, last minute Bridge House Mile entries.
  • “The truth is like poetry — and most people fucking hate poetry.” — The Big Short

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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