Quick Update

Star Trek vs Star Wars…

Pearl Valley
  • Week of 24 February to 1 March.
  • Monday, up early, school run, home office, parent teacher meetings – Mia seems to be doing well, watched some water polo training, nap, sunset audiobook walk.
  • Tuesday, school run, Fhk, home office, Skype chat with Charl about personal hosting ideas, house shopping with Mia, sunset walk, dinner at the clubhouse.
  • The Modern Struggle Is Fighting Weaponized Addiction
  • Communication and information technology seems to be some of the few areas that have continued growing over the last 30 years. It’s a good thing I find that fun. I’ve been listening to Zero to One again.
  • Pretty sure I don’t sleep as well with all these school run mornings.
  • Wednesday, school run, Boschendal breakfast, got a Sony RX10 mk4 at Orms, Cape Town office, camera OS upgrade, watched Mia’s water polo game and used my new camera – she scored 3 goals and they won, seafood pizza at Allora in Franschhoek to celebrate, played with Capture One – lots to learn – feels fairly similar to Aperture.
  • Water Polo: a hooligan’s game played by hooligans. Mia seems to like it.
  • Sony RX10 mini review: This camera was released in 2017, but probably still the best all-in-one / bridge camera option. 600mm f4 is very cool. Nice to have wide angle and zoom in one lens. Battery seems to run out pretty quickly. It has a bit of a Fisher-Price feel to it, if you are used to bigger/pro DSLRs, but it’s compact, light and full featured.
  • “You can’t redistribute your way to prosperity.” — Peter Thiel

  • Thursday, school run, Boschendal, home office, watched Mia’s swimming gala, Paarl Mall, caught up on some admin.
  • I never liked Portishead.
  • Friday, school run, Big Dog Cafe, home office, late lunch at La Paris Birsto with Mia and a school friend, dropped Mia off at the school social, sunset walk.
  • Saturday, some admin, dropped Mia off, Campari with Adrian, lunch with Adrian and Paul at Die Werf – Boschendal – great meal, SGL at Boschendal.
  • Vue.js: The Documentary
  • Sunday, braai at Jacques’, helped him assemble a swimming pool.
  • Star Trek is more commie. Star Wars is more capitalist.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.