Quick Update

Enjoy the little things…

Podcast Walk
  • Week of 2-8 March.
  • Monday, school run, Big Dog Cafe, home office, nap, fetched Mia from water polo, food shopping, I made tacos – yeah, I actually cooked something.
  • “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.” — Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet

  • Tuesday, school run, did some reading at Boschendal, home office, fetched Mia, we went shopping – got a Soda Stream – and a bug-out box, we cooked some improved recipe mexican tacos for supper, watched Zombieland 2.
  • What is a bug-out box? Well, in my case it’s a plastic crate full of food you would eat if you were a student, but with a mexican angle, brown rice, cans of corn etc. That, and smoothie ingredients. So, just in case this covid19 thing is not a problem I can make lots of mexican food. If it is a problem, I can avoid civilization for a while.
  • Listen to this: Dr. Andrew Weil – Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention tactics : Kevin Rose Show, then go get: Allicin, Astragalus, Mushroom cocktail, VitD3, VitC – give that immune system a boost. You can find this stuff at Wellness Warehouse.
  • Wednesday, school run, Boschendal, Jacques visit, Orms – camera gear swap, Strolla, Wellness Warehouse, fetched Mia from water polo, configured the new camera, Carnivore evening at Babylonstoren with Mia – which was kinda lame and took forever, but I had some time to play with my 16-50mm lens.
  • Carnivore evening at Babylonstoren: I feel they should warn people, this is a touristy thing – local culture music and dancing for _three_ hours. If that’s your vibe, then great. If you wanted to go eat red meat and have a conversation, not ideal. In fact – the whole thing felt like I was Guybrush Threepwood and I just walked into a pirate bar scene in an adventure game – but then the character did not move for 3 hours and the same music kept repeating – only more painful – this was accordion music! Listening to an accordion for 2.5 hours to get 30min of meat dishes is not my idea of a good time. At least Mia seemed to enjoy it, or tried to stop me from looking very annoyed.
  • That Sony XR10 from last week failed me. 1/2 way through a swimming gala it just would not autofocus anymore. Had to hard reset the thing to get it to auto focus again. Meh. Fisher-Price. So, I swapped it for the Sony a6400 with 70-350mm lens.
  • Sony a6400 with Sony 70–350 mm F4.5–6.3 G OSS mini review: It’s light, compact and gives you 525mm zoom. Feels solid. Good value for what I want to do with it – school sports basically. The alternative is a very heavy and expensive full frame camera and lens. 300mm f5.6 works well, 525mm f6.3 is not great for indoors use. Photo quality is good.
  • After playing with the bridge camera (1 inch sensor), the mirrorless APS-C, and full frame… it seems you can’t really have an all-in-one camera. I think the answer is to have APS-C with zoom lens, and a full frame with prime lenses. Full frame zoom lenses are simply too heavy and expensive. The high-end prime lenses are full frame only. I was tempted to get the Canon EOS RP (on special) and using my old 85mm 1.2 again, but I think Canon needs a bit of time to get with the mirrorless game. The latest Canon 85mm 1.2 RF lens looks rad.
  • The people at Orms are cool. Very helpful. Support them.
  • Thursday, cacao smoothies, school run, house cleaning day, worked at the clubhouse, nap, first covid19 case confirmed in SA, shopping for Mia’s camping trip – we found Mia a new sleeping bag, cooked mexican food for supper again, finished watching Zombieland 2 – not as good as the first one, but entertaining.
  • How I Built This : Casey Neistat – very cool podcast episode!
  • Friday, vanilla Wazoogles smoothies for breakfast, school run, Franschhoek, home office, watched Mia’s water polo match using my new new camera, watched the next Spider Man movie on Netflix, while Mia packed for camp.
  • Rule number 2: don’t be lame.
  • “In physical terms, stress happens when something wants to be in two places at one time. In mental terms, stress is an inability to decide what’s important.” — Happiness Is Peace in Motion

  • Saturday, we made green smoothies, I took some photos at a school event, dropped Mia off with all her camping gear, chilled afternoon at home, Campari and sushi with Adrian at the clubhouse, swim, nap – that turned into a 12 hour sleep.
  • “First class on the titanic.” — Adrian, about Pearl Valley

  • I deleted Mia’s Instagram app, the fallout should be somewhat amusing. Maybe she does not notice.
  • It’s ok to be weird. Not being weird is a bit strange – and a lot of work.
  • Sunday, up early, year planning with some earl grey tea, podcast walk around the golf course, mail server tinkering, some Capture One learning – getting used to it, made some mexican food for supper again, device upgrades and backups, watched The Host on Netflix while catching up on some blogging – entertaining movie.
  • Capture One Pro mini review: So far I like it. I did not want to get a subscription like you need for Lightroom. You get a discount on C1 if you have a Sony camera. Looks like I’ll be needing a faster computer though. It’s pretty resource hungry, and RAW photo files are not getting any smaller.
  • I finally set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC for my personal mail server. Not trivial or quick. This Mail Test works well.
  • Going to try harder to not sprinkle my time, like I’m feeding a goldfish. Chunk by day. Weekly themes. Pomodoro etc.
  • Keep an eye on the doom porn virus news. Those reinvection reports scare me. Enjoy the little things. Stay safe.
  • Lastly, it always feels good to press ‘publish’ on these posts for some reason – maybe because it can be a struggle to catch up on two weeks of notes. Not sure if I’m reaching 0 or 99 readers – not sure it’s important. LLAP.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.