Quick Update

Rule #32 – Enjoy the Little Things…

La Petite Ferme
  • Week of 9-15 March.
  • Monday, tea, extended loadshedding induced audiobook flaneuring, home office, sunset walk.
  • Mia was away on camp most of this week.
  • I listened to the We Learn Nothing audiobook again this week.
  • “Gangbang doom porn.” — Jacques, when the economy is crashing and virus armageddon hits

  • Two kinds of decisions: Type 1 decisions are not reversible, and you have to be very careful making them. Type 2 decisions are like walking through a door — if you don’t like the decision, you can always go back.
  • I installed postgrey on my personal mail server, time to trim some spam. Seems to work pretty well.
  • Mouse Utopias
  • Tuesday, tea, green smoothie, another loadshedding audiobook walk, did some deep nerding on Lithium battery backup systems and POE standards,
  • Pierre launched his Campari for kids product. Keen to taste it. Look out for Non-alcoholic Abstinence Blood Orange Aperitif at Pick n Pay.
  • Paul Romer: Why the world needs charter cities
  • The Network State – Balaji SrinIvasan
  • Wednesday, Cape Town day, some more prepping at Wellness Warehouse and Dischem, ~office, Waterfront, got a new phone cover and Airpod case – the transparent iphone cover was not working for me, I really can’t seem to just walk past the L’Occitane shop, mussels at Den Anker with Wouter, Stefan and Waldo – Waldo is a doctor – no chance there are enough ICU beds in Cape Town hospitals.
  • Thursday, home office, fetched Mia from camp, breakfast at W-Cafe in Franschhoek, home office, doctor visit – to get some antibiotics and rebuliser juice, shopping, braai with Paul and Mia.
  • Friday, kinda overslept – did not remember to set my weekly alarms back, mexican breakfast at Cosecha with Mia – breakfast tacos, collected my shipment of FFP2 masks and goggles, nap, dropped Mia off at a friend’s house in Franschhoek, stopped at Hey Joe Brewery for a beer tasting, watched Pain and Gain again.
  • Saturday, random tinkering, home exec tasks, Adrian came over for a Sodastream Campari party, sushi at the clubhouse, swim and a drink at the pool bar, epic nap, braai, we watched First Man.
  • Sunday, fetched Mia from Franschhoek, Le Paris Deli, lunch at La Petite Ferme with Adrian and Al – nice views, nap, watched Sicario again, watched 1917 – good movie, watched Jojo Rabbit – very funny.
  • The next few weeks could be hectic. Stay safe.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.