Quick Update


Bicycles for the Mind
  • Week of 6-12 April
  • Bug out, week 4
  • Monday, home office – big surprise, tinkered with IPv6 BGP.
  • Tuesday, got up at 05:00 to tinker with BGP configs, nap, video meeting, a quick Cape Town visit – three roadblocks, phone chats on the way back with Dirk, Jacques, Pierre and Nikki, figured out the Fhk Woolworths closes at 4pm, we made wraps.
  • Learning BGP has been fun – have not really used BGP in a few years.
  • Pro tip: A Thunderbolt 3 cable with USB-C connectors is not the same as a USB-C ‘charging’ cable.
  • Wednesday, tea, phone chats and video meetings, we made cheesy breakfast burritos at 16:00ish, watched Idiocracy – amusing.
  • Remember kids, commie data is creative data.
  • Thursday, up early, worked on a side project, food shopping outing – what a mission to rinse every item when you get home, nap, braai with Mia – we made burgers.
  • Check out Radiolab for Kids
  • Personality quirk: I hate it when people shuffle songs on albums/playlists – order is important.
  • Friday, random tinkering with an iMac – installed Aperture, CaptureOne and Proxmox, finally upgraded my laptop macOS (10.15), we watched Darjeeling Limited – which was pretty average.
  • Double clicking on Apple Watch to confirm things in macOS is pretty cool – less password typing.
  • Inception: I now have a Debian VM running in a Proxmox VM with VirtualBox on macOS – nested virtualisation is amusing. Proxmox works well.
  • Saturday, not sure what I did really, migrated some laptop configs, we made mexican food for supper, caught up on some blogging.
  • Commie Virus lockdown was extended until the end of April.
  • The two cats are visiting more often.
  • Half of the contacts on my phone’s ‘Favourites’ screen now use Facetime audio.
  • Sunday, up early, rainy day – moved my car to get a free car wash, more laptop configs and migrations, Campari, braai with Mia, Facetime chat with Jacques and Dirk, started watching Alien, but fell asleep.
  • I blogged about setting up macOS from Scratch
  • Check out the ‘Dark Mode’ WordPress plugin.
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – Supernatural Superserious

Have a fun week, crazy kids.