Why I don’t use Gmail

Don’t use Gmail.

Take the free stuff!

I found an article about migrating away from Gmail this week. I was struck by how painful it is to move away. Login and contact details all over the place.

I’ve never used Gmail. I run my own mail server(s). Always have. I still have all my email archived from 1996 days. Recently I’ve been tinkering with a few mail server configs and I realised, this stuff has become pretty complex.

I’d really like more people to use distributed, self hosted email systems, but we have some problems:

  • Things like Gmail are very easy, convenient and free
  • People are trapped in free email services – it’s very hard to migrate away
  • Self hosted email can be complex, and not free (costs maybe 5 USD/m in virtual server hosting)

Why I don’t use Gmail:

  • I can avoid it. I find it fun to maintain my own email services.
  • I hate web based email services. Give me IMAP mail clients and mutt.
  • The advertising business model behind free email can only have bad incentives – I don’t like the idea of surveillance capitalism
  • I really don’t like the idea of some big evil empire having easy access to a large part of the communications in my life
  • I would find it scary to not be in control of my logins details around the web
  • The potential effort involved in migrating scares me – and the more you use it, the more you dig a hole for yourself
  • Email is a network, if one person in the network hosts their email in a compromised place, it impacts the rest of the network – I don’t want to be that guy.

Don’t use Gmail.

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ps. if you find this topic interesting, let me know and I’ll write a post about how to host your own email services.

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  1. Asb!! Ons website hugoflear.com is af en nie Google of Daddygo wat hulle hosting doen kan ons domain opspoor nie

  2. Yeah please, publish! I have some free time and Private is definitely the way to go .

    You’ll see from my email address why :|

    Thanks mate

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