Quick Update

Joe Earl Grey Botha…

  • Week of 13-19 April
  • Bug out, week 5, did not visit the shops at all
  • Monday, up early, braai.
  • Next-Gen Nuclear Power
  • Mini iMac review: 5k screen is rad, fusion drive is a bit slow compared to NVMe, nice that you can upgrade the memory easily, keyboard is a bit dorky.
  • Mini Macbook Pro 16 review: keyboard is great, screen is great, sound is very cool, 8 CPU cores is pretty crazy – yeah, it’s fast, 1TB storage is very handy, finger print gizmo works well. Magsafe power would have been cool, touchbar is pretty lame – who uses that? Pleasure to work with – makes a 13inch laptop look like a Fisher-Price toy. It’s been 5 years since I upgraded laptops – this one is probably 5 times better.
  • Safe to say Mia has slept through 66% of her holiday and commie virus lockdown so far.
  • I’d like to see warning labels on Chinese goods and services – Made with Communism.
  • Tuesday, omelettes, braai.
  • Wednesday, online school started – seemed to go well, meeting, tinkered with three video projects.
  • Thursday, mobility routine, tinkered with making Postfix more secure and migrated some email settings, attended a webinar about IPv6 address planning, braai with Mia, watched the 2nd half of Alien – very impressive movie for 1979.
  • “The standard pace is for chumps.” — Derek Sivers

  • Meta is ‘about’ in Latin.
  • Friday, tea, braai meat for breakfast, played with the cats, bit of a blur – not sure what I did.
  • I think I’m at the end of the road of my drinks stash. 1/2 bottle Campari remaining.
  • My 2 year commie battle on FB seems to be working – the commies are doing most of the work though.
  • Saturday, tinkered with Postfix again – I accidentally required all my mail to come in via TLS, we made eggs for lunch, nap, played with BPKI/RPKI certs, listened to old REM albums and generated a ROA.
  • Mia keeps watching series – wasting time. She’s watching The Office at the moment. One day, when she’s sitting on the couch without any idea what she wants to do with her live at age 30 – I’m going to remind her that I blogged about this wasted time, way back in those commie virus weeks. I nagged her to complete the Jordan Peterson self-authoring / future-authoring course over the holidays – which she did, in a rather half baked way, if you ask me.
  • I drink so much tea I should change my middle name. Mia drinks chai rooibos. I drink earl grey.
  • I started using the / WARP app on my phone this week. Works well, gives you IPv6 also.
  • Sunday, tea, blogging, set up DNS and email for two websites, made popcorn and watched Aliens again – rad movie.
  • I blogged about Why I don’t use Gmail
  • I kinda miss writing. Note to self – write a weekly blog post other than just Quick Updates.
  • I suggested to Mia she should get her own domain name / online name – something like swimgeek.com, but her own.
  • How to start a movement
  • Jonathan Carter is the new Debian Project Leader, nice!
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – Leaving New York

Have a fun week, crazy kids.