Quick Update

Cargo cult for cats…

Commie Virus News
  • Week of 20-26 April
  • Bug out, week 6, health week 1
  • Monday, early podcast listening, some experimental breakfast cooking, ventured out to buy food for the week, tinkered with some batch email copy, rainy afternoon, braai with Mia – I find rump steak is best if you want to keep meat for the next day.
  • I’ve been cooking this scrambled eggs thing where I add a layer of mushrooms, put a lot of cheese on top, and let it cook at a low heat with a lid over it – seems to be the best of both worlds, easy cooking and consistency of scrambled eggs, with the more solid feel and cheesy goodness of an omelette.
  • Tech Independence! I listened to a Derek Sivers interview, with Jordan Paris, right at the end, 1:17:00, Derek answers with ‘Tech Independence’ – the course he would teach at university, “Teaching regular people – non programmers, how to be free from the corporate lock-in and get off the cloud.”, “If something matters to you, don’t give it to a company.” Listen to the end of the podcast
  • I think I’ve finally managed to figure out the three things I want to work on over the next 5 years. Sustainable futures. Tech Independence. Cape Independence. The first one is a fancy way of saying keep making money, building networks mostly.
  • Tuesday, tea, green smoothies, wrote some copy for a video ad, tech plumbing for a pet project, watched the chief frog boiler’s speech.
  • Watch this: Einmusik b2b Jonas Saalbach live @ Preikestolen in Norway for Cercle
  • Migrating laptops is not a trivial thing – I keep finding more things to migrate.
  • The neighbourhood alpha cat somehow made its way into Mia’s morning school video teleconferencing, so the class wanted to know the cat’s name. We named him Jones, because he looks like Ripley’s cat… from Aliens, who was smart enough not to travel to LV-426.
  • Wednesday, spend 25min on the phone with Vodacom to ask them to send me a password for a router to change a wifi channel – big companies are special, video meeting, some hardware procurement.
  • I started listening to Models my Mark Manson. I kinda stumbled into it, because I accidentally bought an Audible credit and I did not know what to do with it.
  • Check out the ‘needrestart’ package in Debian.
  • Thursday, tea, green smoothies, more server hardware shopping, I finally managed to find a Kindle for Mia online – eCommerce in lockdown is no fun, I submitted a Debian Request for Package for Routinator, nap, we made Mexican food and watched the lockdown news update.
  • I recently bought a box of coffee pods, not that I like pods, but something different to tea, bit of a buzz in the morning, after about a week of morning buzz I realised it was a decaf box.
  • I cleaned up my RSS reading lists this week.
  • Note to self: daydream more.
  • Friday, creative writing, listened to Disintegration – epic album, quick outing to fetch server hardware, Jones and I had a braai, with some Campari and listened to Neil Diamond, Facetime chat with Stefan.
  • Saturday, tea, Cape Town visit, we made a few videos – good fun, epic fail with my plan to use an iMac as an external display for a Macbook via a Thunderbolt cable – seems the new iMac models do not support Target Display mode anymore.
  • Check out Synergy app
  • My desktop computer space now has 88GB of memory and 16 CPU cores – hard to imagine ten years ago.
  • I bought a Sublime Text licence – support them.
  • If South Africa’s provinces were independent states
  • I’m going to have rather long hair in another month – might need a skateboard.
  • Sunday, chilled day, green smoothies, caught up on some blogging, reading and video watching, watched Groundhog Day again – great movie.
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – Bad Day
  • I’m looking forward to a few extended podcast walks in the coming weeks.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.