Quick Update

What are you building?

Morning Walk
  • Week of 27 April to 3 May
  • Bug out, week 7, health week 2
  • Monday, public holiday, installed a theme for a Webflow site for a pet project, ventured out to buy food for the week, nap, we made fresh pasta with pesto – yum, watched Alien 3 – David Fincher – rad movie – epic ending.
  • Tuesday, frozen berry smoothies, worked on three video projects, telecon, we made soup, simISP network tinkering.
  • Mia unboxed and set up a printer, there is hope.
  • Favourite thing of the week: IT’S TIME TO BUILD – stop what you are doing and listen to this twice
  • I hope your lockdown time has been productive and you have some project to point to that made good use of this time. I’ve been building Debian servers and working on a pet project which I’ll link to soon. What are you building?
  • Wednesday, meeting, Takealot order arrived – yay – I finally have a can opener, 2h Facetime chat with Jacques, I ordered two lithium battery packs – because Eksdom is probably going to cause trouble again soon, braai, watched the Level4 lockdown update – what a joke.
  • Cat hair is lonely people glitter.
  • Free yourself from old goals.
  • A server we ordered from the US is being shipped, fun to watch tracking updates every morning.
  • Thursday, berry smoothies, random tinkering, nap, tinkered with a Webflow site, watched Star Wars Episode II.
  • We started a Star Wars marathon in preparation for May the 4th – and the final Clone Wars episodes. We are watching all the movies related to The Clone Wars series. Mia watched all the Clone Wars episodes twice between 2011 and 2013.
  • Friday, extended podcast walk – start of Level4 lockdown – we can go outside for 3 hours per day – who dreams up this bs?, website building, watched The Clone Wars animated movie again, watched Star Wars Episode III – actually a pretty rad movie, played with Wireguard – seems to work well.
  • Eek, looks like I gained 5kg in the last 7 weeks.
  • Saturday, podcast walk, braai on the holodeck – with an epic bottle of Mrs English Chardonnay, we watched Clone Wars Season 6, time well spent.
  • Sunday, website building, watched Clone Wars end of Season 5, and then 7 – the Ahsoka storyline.
  • Tune of the week: I Believe – R.E.M.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.