Quick Update

Execute Order 66…

Neighbourhood Cats
  • Week of 4-10 May
  • Bug out, week 8, health week 3
  • Monday, podcast walk, creative writing, weekly shopping outing, nap, May the 4th be with you, the last Clone Wars episode was released today, we made fresh pasta and watched the last two episodes of season 7 – good ending – had Mia in tears.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk, mobility routine, my lithium-ion battery packs arrived.
  • “Happy, Smart and Useful.” — Sivers, criteria for things you should be doing – listen to this episode

  • Wednesday, morning walk, berry smoothies, new server arrived – should be fun building that, meeting, nap, meeting, network tinkering.
  • Thursday, morning walk, green smoothies, wrote up some feedback on 4 videos projects, watched the IRR live stream, nap, braai, ecommerce shopping.
  • I realised I’m getting pretty tired of braaiing. How did this happen?
  • This lockdown and its strange rules is becoming lame very quickly. It’s clearly not working, and you have to wonder if the people making the rules understand the original reasons. It seems this state of disaster can last for 90 days. March 26, 90 days later would be June 24.
  • Woke up thinking, what are we waiting for? “The Waiting Place… for people just waiting”
  • Friday, mobility routine, podcast walk, Takealot goodies arrived – with Mia’s Kindle and a few 1TB SSDs.
  • Storage really has become fast and cheap – I remember building a server in early 2000s with 5 hard drives to get to 1TB.
  • Saturday, walk with Mia, Franschhoek outing, desktop backups, fell asleep on the couch soon after the start of a movie.
  • Sunday, up at 01:00 – figured it’s a good time to do server upgrades – upgraded ten servers to Debian 10.4, sleep, random tinkering, meeting, we made oxtail – yum – cooked for 8 hours – served with a nice Pinot Noir, backups, in bed early, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – E-Bow The Letter

Have a fun week, crazy kids.