Quick Update

The Chickens are Restless…

Commie Virus Walks
  • Week of 11-17 May
  • Bug out, week 9, health week 4
  • Monday, I woke Mia up with tea, so she can roll out of bed an join school with her iPad, podcast walk, worked on a website.
  • Atomic ad on Morning Shot.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk, weekly shopping outing to Franschhoek, we made fresh pasta with pesto, set up two Facebook ads, configured a new wifi router – keyboard and mouse sharing latency over 5Ghz is much better, I finally watched Flash Gordon again – epic movie.
  • My podcast listening routine seems to have changed, less time walking – I’ve mostly been listening to Derek Sivers interviews. I think I’m interested in the overlap between Sivers, Ravikant, Hsieh (Zappos), and Mullenweg. Start here.
  • Wednesday, podcast walk, website tinkering.
  • Thursday, podcast walk, campaign launch day, nap, we watched Star Wars Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back – that Hoth battle is rad.
  • eCommerce is open again.
  • Friday, cloudy podcast walk, started cooking oxtail, shopping outing to Joostenberg, rainy drive back – free car wash, nap, 7 hour slow cook oxtail with a great Oldenburg cab – yum, watched Solo again.
  • Saturday, oxtail round two – even better, braai.
  • The recent pet project racked up 1000 FB page likes and 1400 Youtube views in a week – not bad.
  • How often do you get to help create a new country? Only two ways out of this mess, of which one involves moving to another country.
  • Sunday, bubbly and eggs for brunch, assembled a gas braai, nap, braai, time well spent.
  • The chickens are restless… surreal time – illegal to transport a box of wine – can’t go for a sunset walk – government destroying the economy and thinking it’s a good idea. Cared to death. The irony.
  • I think I enjoyed the early lockdown days – everybody was in a mild panic and more social – long Facetime chats and phone calls with old friends – now it’s just business as usual – with similar restrictions.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.