Quick Update

Cooking like a pirate…

  • Week of 18-24 May
  • Bug out, week 10
  • Monday, tested my lithium battery pack to run the iMac for 2.5 hours – 150min discharge at about 4 amps – and then 105min charge time back to 100% – not bad, watched No Country for Old Men – great movie.
  • Luxury is doing one thing at a time.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk, watched a Youtube live stream, completed a website building project, some FRR housekeeping for simISP credits.
  • Wednesday, extended podcast walk, meetings, nap, made oxtail, and had some oxtail for lunch with a tasty Chenin, watched The Big Lebowski again.
  • I’m still listening to lots of Derek Sivers interviews. At one point he talked about having an office job for about two years. I remember having an office job from the end of 1999 to somewhere in 2001 – by 2002 I was mostly working from home anyway. The dot-com days were fun.
  • Thursday, quick walk, bit of a blur – made a social ad, helped Dirk set up IPv6, 12 hour slow cooked oxtail for lunch, watched Beastie Boys Story on Apple TV+ – rad – watch it!
  • Towards the end of Beastie Boys Story, they say something like – be the kind of friend that inspires people to do things. Read about Adam Yauch.
  • How much of an Aliens fan am I? Well, I named my three computers Ripley, Newt and Hicks.
  • Friday, weekly shopping outing, watched a Youtube livestream, oxtail for lunch, then took the remainder of the 14 hour oxtail – added more meat and cooked it another 12 hours – I imagine this is how cooks on pirate ships used to keep a stew going.
  • I got a new headset for teleconferencing – Sennheiser SC-665 – with ultra noise-cancelling mic – and I bought an LED desk lamp – with adjustable brightness and colour temperature. Seems those are the two important remote meeting items you need – I listened to an interview with Ma.tt – about remote work.
  • Getting pretty ready for a haircut at this point – ten weeks.
  • Saturday, random tinkering, long Facetime chats with Jac, Dirk, Paul – while cooking oxtail.
  • Sunday, Waterfront – got a car wash, 10k steps walking around the Waterfront, got new hoodies for Mia and I, ordered 5 pizzas from Baccini’s – first pizza in a very long time, fetched the new server.
  • Walking around the waterfront was special, the shops give you hand sanitizer when you walk in and out of every shop. Not sure it’s the best thing for you skin microbiome.
  • As I’m writing this, about one week later, the pet project from last week has 1.7k FB likes and 4.7k Youtube views.
  • Tune of the week: Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Have a fun week, crazy kids.