Quick Update

I’m Bending Spoons…

Podcast Walks
  • Week of 25-31 May
  • Bug out, week 11
  • Monday, pizza for breakfast, it rained, I napped, tested some new server hardware – pretty impressive.
  • Tuesday, rainy podcast walk, dropped off a present, broke some IPv6 routing, fixed some IPv6 routing, Takealot order arrived, Mia gave me a haircut with the clippers that arrived, we used the floor sweeping robot to clean up.
  • I’ve been making Caprese salads for afternoon snacks fairly regularly recently – yum.
  • Wednesday, meetings, played with a FB poll, evening meeting, I was having my own little Spacex launch party with bubbly and everything – and then they cancelled the launch because of weather :-/
  • RIP Johan Lombard.
  • Thursday, rainy walk, watched a live stream, Mia baked muffins, nap, watched Robomop clean the floors.
  • Watch via Peertube: The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Schwartz
  • Friday, woke up to a nicely mopped kitchen floor – thanks Robomop, watched a live stream interview, Mia went to go visit her mom for the weekend – after about 11 weeks, cucumber g&t, I watched Burn After Reading again.
  • “On a long enough timeline people want to be free – Death Stars always get destroyed.” — Jacques

  • Saturday, progressing fairly well with one of the 5 year mission items, weekly shopping outing, Boschendal farm shop visit – yeah, I was bored, cucumber g&t, braai, watched the Spacex launch, video conference catch-up with Al.
  • Watch these interviews about Cape Independence!
  • Sunday, slept late, watched A Serious Man – more Coen Brothers.
  • I made it through the lockdown with some drinks in my house – yay.
  • Tune of the week: R.E.M. – The Great Beyond

Have a fun week, crazy kids.