Quick Update

Stormtroopers play rugby…

Shooting Range
  • Week of 22-28 June
  • Bug out, week 15, this is a strange year
  • Monday, home exec tasks, morning podcast walk, pizza for brunch, random tinkering, sunset walk with Mia, we made soup, watched Apple WWDC, time well spent.
  • Apple going ARM – probably a good idea for Macbooks, seems Intel lost its way.
  • “What if this was easy and simple? What is the one thing that can make the rest easy?”
  • Tuesday, weekly shopping outing, rotisserie chicken for supper – living dangerously, watched a live stream interview.
  • Live stream interviews – the new live sports.
  • People who wear masks alone in a car – or when walking with nobody near them – low on critical reasoning ability.
  • I bought Derek’s new book, and listened to it. It was a happy 2 hours. You also get the Afrikaans version if you buy it. Pretty cool.
  • I listened to the whole Sivers season 2 podcast series in lockdown.
  • Wednesday, meeting, dropped Mia off at a picnic, live stream, walk, meeting, live stream, we made hot chocolate.
  • Thursday, morning walk, successful fundraising day, updated my bio for the first time in ages, afternoon podcast walk, more Babylonstoren hot chocolate.
  • Word of the day: defeatist. Seems to annoy people.
  • It was time to update my bio: Flâneur, serial entrepreneur, impatient idealist, imagineer, podcast nerd, Techstars alum, enjoys Campari. All progress depends on the unreasonable man.
  • Friday, braai – with some solid red wines.
  • Saturday, False Bay shooting range with Jacques and Adrian, made a beef stew, time well spent.
  • Sunday, watched parts of Money Heist – pretty good, beef stew and eggs for brunch, sunset walk, photo processing.
  • Jacques pointed out that Stormtroopers (clones) probably have good natural rugby playing talent. Jango Fett was from NZ.
  • Tune of the week: A Long December – Counting Crows

Have a fun week, crazy kids!