Quick Update

Independence Day…

  • Week of 29 June to 5 July.
  • Bug out, week 15, 1/2 the year has passed, eek.
  • Monday, podcast walk – got some coffee at the clubhouse – long phone chat with Ben, video meeting, nap, another video meeting, played with Facebook ad configs.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk – Facetime chat with Dirk – coffee at the clubhouse, video meeting, had some fun with the Renaldo Youtube show.
  • Good article from late 2019: Dreaming of a Cape Republic: Secession may promise liberal salvation, but faces high hurdles
  • Wednesday, morning walk – Facetime chat with Dirk, I was a guest on a webinar, sunset podcast walk, extended evening meeting.
  • Thursday, morning podcast walk – phone chat with Fred, set up a Telegram channel – as an experiment, rainy afternoon – figured out some Facebook ad optimisation things.
  • Friday, Frogfoot turned 20 years old (from whois data at least), podcast walk, made a G&T, watched yet another Youtube live stream interview.
  • Saturday, birthday braai with Al and Adrian in Stellenbosch, time well spent.
  • I have this quirk that I always want to backup my computers before leaving the house.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the technology around you.
  • The pet project has 8k likes now.
  • Vue 3.0 should be ready in August.
  • Sunday, got a snack at La Paris, nap, sunset podcast walk, watched a Youtube live stream interview.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.