Quick Update

Soet slaap onder sonde…

  • Week of 6-12 July
  • Bug out, week 16 – seems most of 2020 is going to be locked down
  • Monday, two meetings, morning walk and Facetime chat with Dirk – coffee at the clubhouse, set up a SnapScan code, it was cold so I took a bath.
  • Tuesday, up early to process photos and catch up with my weekly blog, morning podcast and coffee walk, fetched Mia, weekly shopping outing, video meeting, made supper, watched a Youtube live stream interview.
  • Wednesday, Mia’s first day of online school again, woke her up and got back into bed, we made pasta for lunch, afternoon walk, clubhouse Sushi, evening meeting.
  • Watch: Lectric Licks – Afrikaburn 2020 E-compression
  • “I am, at the federal level, Libertarian; at the state level, Republican; at the local level, Democrat; and at the family and friends level, a Socialist.” — Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game

  • Thursday, rainy day – so we made pancakes.
  • Jones likes sushi.
  • Friday, cold and wet morning – two hoodies and shorts weather, rainy coffee and podcasts walk, we drove to Stellenbosch to fetch pizza – with a Pink Floyd soundtrack, loadshedding is back – so I could use my battery packs – works well – I have an LED lamp which I can power off DC or AC, watched Game Night – fun movie, watched I, Pastafari – rad doccie – watch it.
  • Heated car seats are rad.
  • Thanks to the ANC for 13 years of loadshedding. Hopeful you will sort this out in a few more years.
  • The pet project passed 10k FB page likes.
  • Saturday, random tinkering, we took a drive to Fhk – for Bastile festival – but it was pretty dead, pizza from Wilderer / Grappa Pappa – loadshedding supper with headlamps – watched the Fokofpolisiekar live stream show – not bad – 1.3k people watching.
  • Facebook growth hacking is rather addictive. CrackBook on crack.
  • Sunday, watched a live stream – we’re on lockdown level 3 + 2 again – curfew back and immediate alcohol ban, joy – had a bit of a wobble about that – rather demoralising.
  • This lockdown in starting to give me Howard Hughes vibes, weird sense of isolation, 2 days without a shower at times, maybe a bit over focused, often catch myself going – wow it’s 3pm already, need to work on better routines.
  • WHAT I BELIEVE: Stefan Molyneux
  • Tune of the week: Fokofpolisiekar Tiny Town

Have a fun week, crazy kids.