Quick Update


  • Week of 13-19 July
  • Bug out, week 17
  • Monday, had a bit of a moment – cold, bad news from the night before and a hangover, nap.
  • Dear DA, Stop Complaining and Lead the Cape to Independence
  • Tuesday, mid-day meeting, afternoon podcast walk, we made soup, evening meeting.
  • Wednesday, up early, photo processing and weekly blog post, afternoon podcast walk, two video meetings – with some loadshedding.
  • What South Africa can learn from Brexit
  • Thursday, morning podcast coffee walk, sushi night.
  • South Africa’s 3rd Dispensation Pt. 2 – The Rainbow Nation
  • Friday, video meeting, audio book walk, another meeting.
  • Started listening to Hell Yeah or No – Derek’s new book.
  • Saturday, dropped Mia off at a picnic, Waterfront shopping, braai.
  • Sunday, house hunting, weekly shopping outing, home-made pizza, watched Snowpiercer – pretty out there but entertaining movie.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.