Monthly Archives: August 2020

Quick Update

Level 2…

  • Week of 17-23 August
  • Loadshedding level 2 and Lockdown level 2.
  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, full English breakfast at Spier with Mia – while Mia wrote a test, drove home while Mia attended class – online schooling is pretty cool.
  • Somehow I picked up an ear infection, seems to happen once a year. Ear infections kinda limit podcast walks – to one ear.
  • Tuesday, town doctor visit, shopping outing, legally purchased some drinks at La Cotte, quick Moreson wine pickup, afternoon meeting.
  • Wednesday, ear infection can be a bitch – woke up at 2:00 to take pain meds, loadshedding – so we had a late lunch at Grande Provence, chai latte at Big Dog Cafe, meeting.
  • Thursday, walk – to get salmon bagels, sushi night, extended Facetime chat with Jacques, watched Sneakers again – rad movie – soundtrack is also great – kinda jazzy.
  • Rebels vs Empire
  • Friday, up early, #VoetsekANC Friday, podcast walk, lunch with Mia at the clubhouse, dropped Mia off, driving range, podcast nap, random tinkering.
  • “Pessimism is good. Negativity is bad.” -— Rob Duigan

  • Saturday, Dirk phoned me awake, perfect weather day, my car’s autopilot drove most of the way to Boschendal for a coffee with Dirk, mountain bike shopping with Dirk, long phone chat with Anton in Belium, jacuzzi bubble bath, watched Sphere (1998) again.
  • I think I’m keen to get into mountain biking again. The golf idea is not really taking off.
  • Sunday, watched The Signal (2014) – meh, gourmet burger braai with Mia.
  • CIAG now has 35k likes.
  • Tune of the week: Counting Crows – Possibility Days

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

So long Commie Virus, and thanks for all the masks…

Golden Hour
  • Week of 10-16 August
  • I’m pretty much over this lockdown thing now. Looks like we can get on with out lives.
  • Monday, public holiday, late lunch at Roca in Franschhoek, fetched Mia, we watched Predestination – bit like 12 Monkeys but more weird.
  • Tuesday, home fibre offline – so we worked at the clubhouse, walked around to trace fibre cables – replaced and respliced my fibre.
  • If you ever have the option of choosing Vodacom as your fibre operator or ISP – JUST AVOID THEM. Vodacom fibre down for 6th day. Call centre gives the wrong information. They can’t track down a device on their own network. No clue. Muppets.
  • Wednesday, fibre still down – so worked at the clubhouse, rainy afternoon nap, fibre fixed, had some de-alcholised wine – which was mildly amusing but I would not recommend it, meeting.
  • I found a programming course I’m keen to do – for building PWAs.
  • Thursday, loadshedding, morning podcast walk and Facetime chat with Jacques and Dirk, salmon and cream cheese bagels, blogging, shopping outing with Mia – hit the cosmetics shop like a teenage girl – wait – with a teenage girl, gourmet burger braai – aw yeah.
  • Adding a shot of vodka to alcohol-free beer is a thing now – Astronaut Beer.
  • Phil was on a CliffCentral podcast
  • Vanilla tea, the single resource that was capable of creating or destroying the empire, the basis for many of the things found in Fremen daily life, origin Arrakis, also good for space travel.
  • Finally made it to 1,700 FB friends. Not really making progress with that number.
  • Friday, more loadshedding, hmm, kinda forgot to make notes about Friday.
  • Cherries are in season, yes! Favourite fruit.
  • “Never tell me the odds!” — Han

  • The lockdown project now has 30k likes. The blades of glory rivalry is picking up. I’m still winning. 14k likes ahead.
  • Saturday, random tinkering, watch the Renaldo live stream of the Squirrel speech – with my last bottle of red wine – lockdown looks like it’s pretty much over now – only 5 months wasted!
  • Let’s not forgot, these were the 20 most fucked up weeks in recent history – remember not being able to go for a walk? wtf.
  • Adrian sent me a message – warning us to not think the lockdown is fully over yet – in Spain they lifted all bans – people went a bit crazy – had to ban things again a few weeks later – so the smart money will still stock up on some drinks.
  • I realised Sivers’s ‘Smart, Happy, Useful’ = Ikigai
  • Sunday, last minute outing to Spier, late lunch at Vadas smokehouse, river-side walk around Spier, watched parts of Aquaman, dinner at the hotel – I think we were the only guests, photo processing, watched Taken 3 – the Istanbul version – not bad.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update


  • Week of 3-9 August
  • Bug out, week 20, probably the last week really.
  • Monday, oxtail for lunch, walk, oxtail for supper.
  • “It’s not difficult to be right and alone.” — about relationships

  • Tuesday, meeting, meeting, walk, driving range, made pasta and a caprese salad, played with Facebook ad a/b testing.
  • The time for secession has arrived
  • “Every machine is a smoke machine in you operate it wrong enough.”

  • Wednesday, walk, meeting, Irish hot chocolate, bath.
  • “Pepsi Cape compete teen Abraham se frogfoot se graphic designer” — Jac, about my little blades of glory Facebook rivalry

  • Thursday, pizza night, watched Eurovision – good fun.
  • Friday, the internet went off – so I worked at the clubhouse, dropped Mia off, catch up with Etienne and Paul, braai.
  • Saturday, watched American Psycho again, watched Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan 1982 – similar plot to Into Darkness – not bad.
  • “Feed me a stray cat.”

  • “LOVE plus TIME minus DISTANCE = HATE” — Louis CK

  • “Democracy is a gateway to socialism.” — Jerm

  • Sunday, home exec tasks, lunch at Boca in Franschhoek – not bad, fetched Mia, we watched Life (2017) – not bad.
  • Vodacom fibre was offline for 6 days in the end. 6 days! Muppets.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Edge of a new frontier…

  • Week of 27 July – 2 August
  • Bug out, week 19
  • Monday, growth hacking for the revolution, clubhouse coffee, podcast walk, podcast nap, made soup.
  • “Sail right into the wind, Joe. That’s what you do.” — Aiden

  • I had the best intentions of asking somebody out this weekend – sent a message saying – do you have plans for this weekend? – she said yeah, I’m getting a cat – hmm… cool, cool-cool.
  • Oh bother, I looked at some of my older Quick Update blog posts and I think I’m slacking. Those were way more interesting.
  • Tuesday, clubhouse coffee and morning podcast walk, meeting, afternoon podcast walk, celebrated a growth hacking milestone with a bit of sushi and bubbly – 20k likes, watched Black Hawk Down again – epic movie.
  • Wednesday, designed some billboards – I’m considering a billboard saying ‘In Tyler We Trust’, pizza night.
  • “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.” — Steve

  • Thursday, pizza for breakfast, afternoon podcast walk, random tinkering, watched the 2nd half of American Psycho.
  • Friday, watched the 2nd Marhobane interview on Jerm Warfare, clubhouse omelette with Mia, golf gear on special at the pro shop – I think I’m going to start playing golf again, nap, weekly shopping outing to Franschhoek, quick visit to Nikki and Hanrick, made some pasta, G&T, watched Snatch again.
  • Wealth is a side effect of passion.
  • “Working with who you want to work with, on what you want to work on, is actually just play.” — Naval

  • Saturday, nap, sunset walk, cooked some oxtail overnight.
  • Sunday, early morning walk, 14 hour slow cooked Oxtail lunch, we drove to Muizenberg to have dessert at Case Labia with Jacques and family, took a walk on the Kalk Bay harbour wall, sunset podcast walk, tinkered with Facebook ads.
  • Sexual Harassment and You – Saturday Night Live
  • Tune of the week: New Frontier – Counting Crows

Have a fun week, crazy kids.