Quick Update

Edge of a new frontier…

  • Week of 27 July – 2 August
  • Bug out, week 19
  • Monday, growth hacking for the revolution, clubhouse coffee, podcast walk, podcast nap, made soup.
  • “Sail right into the wind, Joe. That’s what you do.” — Aiden

  • I had the best intentions of asking somebody out this weekend – sent a message saying – do you have plans for this weekend? – she said yeah, I’m getting a cat – hmm… cool, cool-cool.
  • Oh bother, I looked at some of my older Quick Update blog posts and I think I’m slacking. Those were way more interesting.
  • Tuesday, clubhouse coffee and morning podcast walk, meeting, afternoon podcast walk, celebrated a growth hacking milestone with a bit of sushi and bubbly – 20k likes, watched Black Hawk Down again – epic movie.
  • Wednesday, designed some billboards – I’m considering a billboard saying ‘In Tyler We Trust’, pizza night.
  • “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.” — Steve

  • Thursday, pizza for breakfast, afternoon podcast walk, random tinkering, watched the 2nd half of American Psycho.
  • Friday, watched the 2nd Marhobane interview on Jerm Warfare, clubhouse omelette with Mia, golf gear on special at the pro shop – I think I’m going to start playing golf again, nap, weekly shopping outing to Franschhoek, quick visit to Nikki and Hanrick, made some pasta, G&T, watched Snatch again.
  • Wealth is a side effect of passion.
  • “Working with who you want to work with, on what you want to work on, is actually just play.” — Naval

  • Saturday, nap, sunset walk, cooked some oxtail overnight.
  • Sunday, early morning walk, 14 hour slow cooked Oxtail lunch, we drove to Muizenberg to have dessert at Case Labia with Jacques and family, took a walk on the Kalk Bay harbour wall, sunset podcast walk, tinkered with Facebook ads.
  • Sexual Harassment and You – Saturday Night Live
  • Tune of the week: New Frontier – Counting Crows

Have a fun week, crazy kids.