Quick Update


  • Week of 3-9 August
  • Bug out, week 20, probably the last week really.
  • Monday, oxtail for lunch, walk, oxtail for supper.
  • “It’s not difficult to be right and alone.” — about relationships

  • Tuesday, meeting, meeting, walk, driving range, made pasta and a caprese salad, played with Facebook ad a/b testing.
  • The time for secession has arrived
  • “Every machine is a smoke machine in you operate it wrong enough.”

  • Wednesday, walk, meeting, Irish hot chocolate, bath.
  • “Pepsi Cape compete teen Abraham se frogfoot se graphic designer” — Jac, about my little blades of glory Facebook rivalry

  • Thursday, pizza night, watched Eurovision – good fun.
  • Friday, the internet went off – so I worked at the clubhouse, dropped Mia off, catch up with Etienne and Paul, braai.
  • Saturday, watched American Psycho again, watched Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan 1982 – similar plot to Into Darkness – not bad.
  • “Feed me a stray cat.”

  • “LOVE plus TIME minus DISTANCE = HATE” — Louis CK

  • “Democracy is a gateway to socialism.” — Jerm

  • Sunday, home exec tasks, lunch at Boca in Franschhoek – not bad, fetched Mia, we watched Life (2017) – not bad.
  • Vodacom fibre was offline for 6 days in the end. 6 days! Muppets.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.