Quick Update

It’s time to tinker…

CI Flag
  • Week of 31 August – 6 September
  • Lockdown level 2, rolling blackouts level 4.
  • Why the flag picture in the header? Because I like it.
  • Monday, woke up in Misty Cliffs, packing, listened to a very cool podcast – EconTalk – Matt Ridley – How Innovation Works, fetched Mia, watched Bruno again – crazy movie.
  • On the Monday drive back, I was listening to that podcast thinking – innovation is very cool, we have some amazing things – many of which only became practical and accessible in the last 15 years.
  • The ear infection is finally over.
  • Tuesday, we decided that remote school is a good idea, Takealot delivery, watched Youtube live stream interview, played with the Burning Man Multiverse app.
  • Watch: CIAG polling data was released to the media
  • I now have a small and very light drone – Mavic Mini Flymore Combo. As I’m writing this I still have to fly it for the first time.
  • Got a new DC UPS with 24v PoE feature.
  • Wednesday, very wintery, school run, tinkered with the drone, fetched Mia, we went for a late lunch at La Paris deli, meeting.
  • I’m a bit over winter now. Lockdown and winter have not been a bad combo. I don’t think I’d do well in a cold country.
  • Thursday, school run, breakfast at Boschendal, tinkering, late lunch at La Motte with Mia.
  • Check out PragerU
  • I listened to a Jerm interview with Martin Van Staden about Libertarianism. Worth a listen. I found this interesting – libertarians are constitutionalists – they see the problem with pure democracy. The constitution protects the rights of the individual and guards against mob rule – democracy can quickly become mob rule. In South Africa we have a very real problem that the mob can change the constitution (66% vote) – so we don’t have this balance – individual rights are not protected. tldr; make very sure that you set up your constitution correctly – you only really have one chance – maybe some things should be immutable.
  • Friday, breakfast at Boschendal, Grande Provence wine tasting – you can taste, but you can’t buy – pretty lame, installed Illustrator and figured out how to use maybe 1% of it.
  • Check out bashtop
  • It’s time to tinker. We need more generalist, with a strong vision for the future… comment on It’s Time To Build essay.
  • Saturday, epic nap, tinkering, went down a nerdy Youtube rabbit hole to learn about Catalonia independence movement, late afternoon walk, KWV 10 irish hot chocolate and some scifi – watched I Am Mother – not bad.
  • Try Babylonstoren Bitter Lekker + Cointreau and soda.
  • Sunday, tinkering, some infograpic making with Illustrator, fetched Mia, early supper – her first Big Mac ever – shock horror, caught up on two weeks of blogging with some Johnny 12yo.
  • The updated Quad1/WARP app for macOS makes IPv6 work on v4 networks.
  • Tune of the week: This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks

Have a fun week, crazy kids.