Quick Update

Sic transit gloria…

  • Week of 28 September to 4 October
  • This post is late. I’ve been pretty bad with blogging notes.
  • Monday, mobility routine, Debian 10.6 upgrades, device upgrades, podcast walk, 4 hour nap, caught up on some photo processing and blogging, epic sleep.
  • New quest: Debian on a switch.
  • Tuesday, weekly meeting, kinda forgot to make notes for the day.
  • Wednesday, tinkered with the Mellanox SN2010 switch, lunch with Dirk at Rust en Vrede, found a serial to usb adapter, Eikeboom slaghuis biltong shopping, Hillcrest berry farm, drive to Paarl with Mia, meeting.
  • Thursday, MANRS workshop.
  • “Sic transit gloria… Glory fades.” — Rushmore

  • Adventure, independence, progress – most important things.
  • Why Trump Will Win and the Polls Are Wrong
  • Friday, hmm – no notes – again.
  • Deleted about 200 podcast episodes from my phone – never going to get though all of them – I blame lockdown.
  • Saturday, lunch at Indochine at Delaire Graff with Wouter and Rene, a drink at the club house.
  • Sunday, Boschendal lunch with Wouter and Rene.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.