Quick Update

You’re so cool, white wine spritzers, standing desk…

Podcast Walk
  • Week of 19-25 October.
  • Monday, woke up early to process drone photos, braai meat for breakfast, school run, Takealot delivery day – new toys to configure.
  • Configured two Megaboom3s in stereo – searched for song to test stereo setup – found You’re So Cool.
  • Got an LED ring light – for pro video conferencing.
  • Figured I need a standing desk.
  • Played with using my Sony Mirrorless camera as a webcam – but it’s only 576p – which is a USB2 bus limit for uncompressed video streams – but quality is much better than 720p Macbook or iMac webcams.
  • Tuesday, braai meat for breakfast again, school run, standing desk delivery and setup, weekly meeting – with my new semi pro video conferencing setup, driving range and a drink at the club house, watched True Romance again – epic movie.
  • Wednesday, school run, Boschendal breakfast – photo processing and blogging, worked a bit at Tokara DeliCat – but their wifi sucked, Rustenberg wine tasting, fetched Mia, driving range followed by a few white wine spritzers – turns out we met 2 years ago – 21 Oct 2018.
  • I’m enjoying the standing desk – I got the “X-COVE (Black) Sit-Stand Standing Desk Converter PLUS Anti-Fatigue Mat COMBO from Deskstand.com – thanks to Wouter for suggesting this – pro tip: get the mat with the desk.
  • Found this again: Dating for Nerds.
  • Thursday, school run, golf lesson with Dirk – Dirk is a pretty good golf coach, club house drink – more white wine spritzers, nap, quick Paarl Mall visit, sunset podcast walk and a phone chat with Michael.
  • It seems golf is not as easy as I thought – my swing was pretty hacky.
  • “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici – By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe” — Faust / V for Vendetta

  • “Full stack hacker of life.” — Naval, about Richard Feynman

  • “All self-help boils down to: choose long-term over short-term.” — Naval

  • Friday, dropped Mia off, driving range, event planning, post-lockdown spring cleaning, house viewing, I had a hot date at Babel – always great food, time well spent.
  • Saturday, best intentions to go mountain biking, but that failed, picnic at De Meye with Wouter and Rene, Bantry Bay house, played some pool with Wouter.
  • “Public health is all about lying.”

  • Sunday, breakfast down the road at Step Brothers, Noble Vice wine festival it The Bisquit Mill with Pierre, Ben, Stefan and Stefan, brain food happy hour at Sea Breeze with Wouter, Rene and Sonja, time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Hans Zimmer – You’re So Cool

Have a fun week, crazy kids.