Quick Update

Last week of holiday…

  • Week of 11-17 January.
  • Health week 4/8. 95kg – back to pre-lockdown weight.
  • Monday, gym, swim, nap, took my laptop for a keyboard repair, went window shopping at Orms – was looking at the R6 with RF 85mm lens, watched the squirrel show – no real news, watched Tenet – excellent movie – but it seems you need to watch it twice – with headphones and subtitles.
  • I was scratching my head about buying a camera. Then I realised, all the things I used to like taking photos of are not really happening at the moment. Social events, friends, Mia, AfrikaBurn, travel. iPhone seems fine for photo needs at present.
  • 2020 = things went remote.
  • CIAG reached 50k FB likes.
  • Tuesday, morning promenade walk, configured my old Macbook Pro to be useful for a few days, BIA machine visit, 1km swim with Rene, Waterfront – got some new shades on special, Mykonos Taverna lunch, nap, took a sunset walk to the Waterfront with Wouter.
  • My current diet: fasted swims, two walks per day, one Paleo meal per day, usually around 3pm, close fitness rings on the Apple watch, 10k steps per day, aim for around 300g fat loss per day.
  • Wednesday, up early to reboot a server, took a walk to Clifton, 1km swim with Rene, rice-free sushi at Nuri, prom walk, weekly meeting, another prom walk.
  • Thursday, took a walk to Clifton, renewed a car licence, fetched my laptop – the space bar is happy again, Wembley gym, sushi salad, nap, misty prom walk.
  • I suspect I had some Campari under that space bar.
  • Queuing to get into gym is lame.
  • Friday, morning walk, 1km swim with Rene, poke bowls at Mojo, nap, laundry, backups, nap, sunset promenade walk.
  • “I know I could have loved you,
    but you would not let me” — Fleetwood Mac

  • How rad would it be if you could just combine all the good parts of your top 5 past relationships.
  • Song Exploder, ep2: The Killers – Hmm. It’s a bit dishonest that they use footage from Miss Atomic Bomb tour video, but still a nice episode.
  • Saturday, breakfast at Stepbrothers with Wouter, packing, fetched Mia, coastal road drive to Scarborough, swimming, drone flying – if you take the little safety cage off it really goes crazy high up, campari, braai with Jacques and family.
  • Sunday, woke up in Scarborough, Jacques made brunch, I took Mia swimming gear shopping – Joe’s Swimming Academy – not trivial shopping with a teenager – I got a new swimming cap, 1km swim at Westlake Virgin Active, campari, braai, nap, caught up on some blogging – I was 3 weeks behind.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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